Wry Functionary

How do you increase your acquaintance with the Wry Functionary beyond 1? I’m recruiting for my newspaper but the acquaintance with the Functionary as to be at level 3.

For each acquaintance, you can spend time with them to increase their value. It’s only offered in a specific area, I forget if the Wry Functionary is in the Shuttered Palace or in Veilgarden.

Thanks. I couldn’t find where the Functionary was.

The dear fellow spends the majority of his time at the Shuttered Palace.

A Lady playing poker

I could never even make his acquaintance. Hope I shall have another chance.

If you wish to make the acquaintance of the Wry Functionary I’d recommend trying to correspond with contact’s in the Shuttered Palace. You’ll need to have made a good impression at the Ambassador’s Ball to make him pay you any heed and you may have to write him several times, but don’t give up, eventaully he will notice you. You do tend to stand out from the crowd after all.

Best of luck to you.

Ps. To get the letter the right air I’d recommend you write it at the Singing Mandrake in Veilgarden, for some reason these are the only ones that seem to get through. Consider drinking port instead of Greyfields while writing, he seems to prefer that and maybe a hint of port-scent when he opens it will make your letter stand out from the countless others he must be getting.
edited by Malt Jones on 1/8/2012