Would anyone like a cup of cofee at Caligula's?

Just send me an invitation:)

I never refuse an invitation for Coffee at Caligula’s if I have actions available, and my alt doesn’t, either.

Hello, stranger.

It can be terribly lonely here at times. So very few acquaintances of mine are alive or posses an adequate amount of sanity to be much of a conversation-maker. Not that, ah, I had anything to do with these misfortunes…

At any rate, shoot me an invite, and I’ll be there as soon as humanly possible. The link to my profile is down below.

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I’m a fan of coffee.

In a couple of days, I may need to spam some…special coffee. Fate-locked House of Chimes coffee, even better than the regular stuff.

(You can accept it for free, though; I’m buying.)

So, if you’re in London for the election, and not doing any Flash Lays/Heists/etc, and you’re in need of a smile or two - a batch of eight actions or so? I believe that’s the norm.

It will be a pleasure!

I’ve been chastised for “reviving” threads in the past – is starting one a problem as well? It seems a tad harsh and, what can I say, unwelcoming,

Well, I didn’t happen to want sparring, dinners, chess or theft. I wanted special EF coffee.

If the other thread had been clear in the title that it was for all interactions, I would have used it, but it doesn’t say &quotThis is the Second Chances thread&quot (even though it apparently is), it says &quotThis is a standard social interactions thread&quot (which I wasn’t asking about.)
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