Worth the effort?


I’m a beginning game developer and looking for ways to generate income making games. I’ve played Fallen London a while now (mostly without paying), and I know about the StoryNexus platform.

So, one of the options that floated around was to create a SN world and monetize it. However, I then noticed the announcement &quotStoryNexus in maintenance mode&quot Now I’m wondering whether creating such a world is actually worth the effort?

My question: Supposing I have the ability to create a StoryNexus world that’s compelling and immersive enough to let people pay for it, is it worth the trouble of actually setting up this world, taking into account the uncertainty of the continuation of the StoryNexus platform?

Thanks in advance for replying! :D

I’d say yes - mainly because I’ve spent almost 800 hours now building a world that I hope to monetise. It is a big commitment though - very big - and you do need the discipline to treat it like a “proper” job. Building the product is only the start of the story, of course. You’ll need to promote it heavily as well .

StoryNexus is in maintenance mode because it wasn’t making enough money for the creators to justify spending their effort on it. I’m under the impression that it’s not going anywhere unless it actually starts hemorrhaging money. At the very least, everything you need to create a functional and compelling game is in the currently available set of tools.

Yes, it’s still a great platform as it is!

Thanks a lot for the quick replies!

I now think it is quite a viable option, though I will continue looking for other options as well. I thought the platform needed constant support from failbetter to work, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. I (and any other developer) will be able to create a world and monetize it without further tools, which I think is pretty awesome. I will have to think about whether I want to commit myself to this, but it is certainly appealing.

In any case, thanks for the help and maybe you’ll see a new world pop up sometime (but most likely not soon :P)