World of the Season Competition!

So what counts for “original”? For example, if I cite or reference some other works does that count?

Pint Box: IANAL (or an employee of FBG), but I imagine they mean the world must be original. For instance, if you say someone reads The Dresden Files, you’re okay, but if your story is set in Los Angeles of The Dresden Files’ world, even if you never mention Harry or anything, you’re in not original territory.

My competition entry: the world of Asylum.

It can be found here.

I’m not sure how you’d be citing things in this context. References or nods are fine. Setting it in someone else’s world or using someone else’s characters isn’t.

Only a few days left now to enter the World of the Season competition, or to polish your entry.

Entrants - remember the need to have a distinct end (a game_end_effect or a conclusion storylet) and that we’ll be looking at your worlds for at least two weeks after the closing date. The worlds will need to be stable and coherent for play during that time.

Why hello there. I would like to enter my world, The Hour.
We go about our everyday lives near-mindlessly, eyes closed to the world around us. Finding wonder in ground that has been tread time and time again can be difficult, if not impossible. What if you were forced to tread the same ground indefinitely, to the end of time? What if you only had one hour to live… forever?

It is not finished. It has an endpoint, yes, but there is certainly more to come. After all, the cycle has only just begun. There will be choices. There may be consequences. There is a chance that I will get to the end of the First Dream by the deadline, but a rather slim one. So don’t get your hopes up.
It’s by me. Thanks go to my brother, who helped immensely with play-testing. Also, I owe thanks to katastrophe, Pint Box, Little The, betterthemask, Dearheart, Kitsune, and Aspeon for their fantastic feedback.
I don’t think there’s anything else I need to put here. Thanks, good people at Failbetter, and thanks, judges, for taking the time to do this.

A last minute thought, will we be able to actively edit our world after the competition deadline? Does FBG prefer we leave it in the state it was as of September 30th? I would just go in, possibly set a theme (So long as VISION is on track) and do some small tweaks with difficulty and pacing, if I get any responses that think it is necessary. I just wanted to be 100% sure if we could or not and will respect either choice.

Good evening!

I hereby enter my world Chiaroscuro. The first chapter is playable and open for public play-testing.
On the morrow, I’ll rework some text bits and maybe tweak some mechanics, but feel free to try the game.
It’s only the beginning of a greater story, but it features a definite GAME-END-(for now-)Storylet ;)

From the intro text:
[i]“Welcome to Chiaroscuro, where black and white have more shades than grey.
Explore a world of light and shadow and choose your destiny.”

[/i]Please note: I’m no native speaker and writing prose in a foreign language is quite a challenge.
If you stumble over typos, irritating use of language or other text bugs: I’d be very grateful if you’d send me a message :)[i]


Hey, everybody! I would love to submit my world, Maiden of the Storm Crusade to the story contest! It was originally intended to be just for the players in my Pathfinder campaign, but I realized that, as far as I can tell, it qualifies for the contest. the url is

Thanks for considering my submission.

Sneaking in under the deadline to submit my game Samsara to the competition.

India, 1757: politics, power, ancient magic. You are an honoured adviser to Nawab of Bengal at a dangerous time. The Afghan empire threatens war in the North, the Marathas to the West, and the British and French play games of deception & war on your land. At such a moment, someone with your - particular talents - could change the very course of history…

The game will eventually span a five month arc, with plotlines and characters introduced in the opening developing and changing as you progress - currently the first “month” is playable - though the plan is to expand it a bit further in a final version.

It’s playable here:

Judging will happen shortly after the competition closes, and go on for at least two weeks. So the game needs to be playable and coherent for all that time. I’d ask you to leave the world alone (or at least the bits of the world that the judges will see) during that time. At worst, you could break the world and ruin your chances of winning.

Alright thank you Nigel, I will leave it be then, and just browse all the new stuff that comes out in VISION.

The World of the Season competition is now closed to entries.

Many thanks to everyone who has entered! Judging is likely to take a few weeks, but we’ll get back to you with the winners as soon as possible.