World of the Season Competition!

0.0 Almost hyperventilates Susan Arendt and Mike Laidlaw are going to be playing my game?!

… help…

Goshdarn it! Now I feel under pressure to knock something good out in a fortnight or so, rather than just have some fun with trench coats, rain and OTT similies!
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[quote=Lily Fox]0.0 Almost hyperventilates Susan Arendt and Mike Laidlaw are going to be playing my game?!

… help…[/quote]

Don’t worry just take calm breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth. You have made a quality product and should be proud. Now brace your self mentally as it is viciously nitpicked by people you’ve never met.

This competition will be subject to the rules governing all Failbetter Games competitions. These can be found here:

Hi everyone. For those of us who enter (but do not outright win), will we be getting any sort of feedback on our games for submitting them? Wouldn’t have to be serious, or even how we ranked, but some comments on issues or potential improvements we could make would be amazing. I know it would take more time for the judges, but I figured it was worth asking.

Again, thanks so much for the opportunity!

We’ll be playing through all the entries, and I hope we’ll be able to deliver solid feedback. We’ll also pass on any feedback that Mike and Susan might want to give.

We’re delighted to announce that Jonas Kyratzes, noted indie game designer, has agreed to join the panel of judges for the Autumn 2012 World of the Season competition. Thank you kindly, Jonas!

I know our world has to be playtested to qualify but does that mean it has to be playtested before we post it here or can we post it here and have it being playtested at the same time? Will our judges be avoiding any worlds we intend to submit until after the deadline, or are the worlds being judged before the deadline as well?


Nothing will be judged before the closing date of the competition. So as long as it’s finished on September 30th, you’re good.

All right thank you much.

Random thought: Did you consider asking Felicia Day to be a judge? Cause in that eventuality I think I might have just about died.

I was worrying about getting my game finished in time… and then I saw the ‘18 years or older’ clause in your competition rules. Looks like I’ve got at least 9 months to prepare then :)

There’s just under two weeks left to submit worlds for the World of the Season competition. So get those storylets flowing!

We’ve added prizes for two runners-up!

The 2nd and 3rd place worlds will win their creator ‘Accredited Architect’ status, just like the winner. Splendid!

I will be entering my Story Nexus world, Evolve, for the competition. It is intended to demonstrate the educational possibilities of Story Nexus, and the way the platform can potentially be utilized for schools, museums, and the general public. I can see endless possibilities once creators can upload their own images (museums using their collections, for one).

Evolve experiments with just a few techniques that can be implemented to make Story Nexus games educational. So far, content has been developed that takes people up to the first divide between bacteria and archaea, after which the game becomes content-locked (my version of a game-end effect for the purposes of the competition). It’s possible that the game will eventually go through the entire evolutionary history (condensed, of course), allowing people to become very specific species.

Please consider this my formal entry, and if you need any additional information don’t hesitate to ask!
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Zero Summer

Our entry for this World of the Season competition is the first episode of Zero Summer. From the splat page:

The first episode will clock in with more than 100 storylets and “storylet-sized” branches. It will take about 500 actions to play through.

From all of us on the Zero Summer team, thanks for your consideration – and enjoy!

[quote=Nigel Evans]We’ve added prizes for two runners-up!

The 2nd and 3rd place worlds will win their creator ‘Accredited Architect’ status, just like the winner. Splendid![/quote]

That’s exceedingly fair. =) The more the merrier!

Also great to see the entries being officially declared. Good luck Caitydid and the Zero Summer Team!

I’m pleased to announce my entry for the World of the Season competition, Pistols at Dusk ( ). Pistols at Dusk will be a Wild West story in a world not unlike our own, where opposing factions pull at the seams - science marches on as inventors race to outperform the limits of the human body, rail road barons have abandoned their tracks in favour of mining the mysterious things that come from the earth, and something ancient and wild gathers lost souls and lives, quite comfortably, in the dark corners of this new society.

September 30th will see the completion of four unique prologue routes, where the player chooses an inclination and aligns themselves with a faction or its rival. Optimistically I would like to do more, but searching for paying jobs almost full-time has to take priority. As it stands, three of the prologue routes are up, you should get through them easy on one set of refreshes. Once you’re done the prologue of one route, the “progress to the rest of the story” option erases and resets your character, allowing you to start over. Plans are to eventually have a more wide-open world, with intermingling of the different inclinations. Plot will be driven largely along faction lines, meaning who you choose to rub shoulders with could influence the way your character views the world around them.

As the game stands, once you align with a faction and complete one part of the prologue, the game ends. This allows the player to start over and play one of the other three prologue routes. They are all completely unique, and each of them gives a different insight into the world of Pistols at Dusk.
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Well hello all! I am officially submitting my complete world Syn in it’s entirety for this competition! It has been a very interesting and huge learning experience but I am very happy with how it turned out. My world can be found at and am very excited to get feedback from so many great people! Now, I know it took a while and looks like a lot from the design perspective, but I purposely made Syn in such a way that people who want to zoom through the main story can without feeling disappointed or finishing 30 minutes after they start playing as well as having a slew of other stuff for the more exploratory readers.

Anyways, thanks again for this amazing opportunity and wish the best of luck to all participants.


>> PLAY <<

Maelstrom is a fantastical world of forgotten lore and the age of empire! Since time immemorial people have lived upon islands, just kilometres wide, floating around the sun.

When you are given the opportunity to sail the skies, to trade and to harass pirates with impunity, how long will you last between warring empires, violent rogue states and the horrors of the Maelstrom itself?

Allow me to submit Maelstrom for your consideration.

What is currently available makes up just one island of the many a player will be able to visit in future. It sadly does not include the sailing, ship-life and combat or trading which is planned. Maybe I will be able to resubmit Maelstrom with all those things for the next season.

Storylets: 32
Branches: 90