Winking Island

Hey does anyone know how to get to winking island?? I heard there was this cool mr eaten place and I’d love to go there someday. Sorry if this is a dumb question I’ve only been playing for a few days ^_^;

Thanks in advance for leaving me some pro-tips on how to get there in the thread below :D

Winking Island is for begginerz though :: ::
you’d get bored to DEATH

I believe it is somewhere North.

You have to first convince the Tiger Keeper to let you go there. I think the requirement is Ambition: Enigma 7.

I also think it helps to get 1000 CP of Enemy: Everyone, as well as have Hades’s Cider to die easier.

Unfair! A true n00b like NiteBrite will never get a hint that obscure about A:E! Let me help:

HINT 1: An anagram of &quotto winking island&quot is &quotakin to swindling.&quot
HINT 2: So uh, like… there is a Special Number involved in SMEN content, right? So keep gifting Fate to everyone else in this thread until you reach that number.
HINT 3: If nothing else happens, you probably just haven’t sent us enough Fate. Keep trying!


[spoiler]You need to die 1000 times, each in a unique way, and then on the 1000th, a option called &quotChallenge The Boatman To a One On One Duel&quot opens up. You need to beat him (Make sure to have 400 dangerous or 400 shadowy) and it will unlock The Shadow City, which is a city in the realm of the dead that copies London. This is where you can buy the Hade’s Cider from The Shadow Of The Bazzar for 1 trillion Echoes, which will be needed for the option &quotOffer Mr Eaten a drink and tell each other drunken tales about how They Screwed you over in a game of oneupmanship and lies.&quot on Winking island.

Also, make sure you WIN the duel, otherwise you’ll be stuck in The Shadow City till you find Bob The Mirror Guy. Who is a real pain to find.[/spoiler]
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Really? I thought you just had to meet Bigfoot in the Alarus extension, get the bow upgrade, use it to defeat Herobrine, bring his head to the asteroid hermit and trade it for a captured Missingno, sell that to Sulik’s sister, who’ll reveal that the Starchild is Harbinger and that Winking Island was the Cow Level all along.