Windowed mode issues

When I check the windowed mode box initially everything works fine. After quitting the game and reopening it, the game loads in windowed mode initially but after the message stating that this is an early release, etc, and right before the main menu, it automatically switches to fullscreen.

Also, I have 2 monitors and when I start the game with windowed mode, the window centers between the two monitors, not on my main display.
edited by sanchox on 7/1/2014

Have you tried cmd-f or control-f, depending on your computer? I suspect this is more due to your 2 monitor setup…

yeah, I have tried that, This is a bug report rather than a question on how to get into fullscreen. I feel that the game should save one’s Windowed Mode preferences so that it will open in windowed mode each launch after I select it in the preferences. The other is slightly nitpicky, but the game should also display its window on the main monitor by default (common for all apps).