Wilmot's End and Connected: The Great Game

So somehow I just unlocked the path to Wilmot’s End and am snooping excitedly around there.
However I’m seeing a need for ‘Connected: The Great Game’ of which I only have rather low levels.
Could somebody please direct me towards a place or way where I might advance this?
For reference I am currently irresistible, inescapable, terrifying and midnight.
Thanks in advance,

Miss Loveshanks.

The wikia lists a few ways, and those are indeed th ways I have been using to raise my Connected: The Great Game. Before I had access to the Wry Functionary I used to maintain a balance between The Church and The Great Game on their shared conflict card (A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you), but lately I’m always siding with the church for all those second chances, while letting the Wry Functionary cover for the loss.

Might want to buy a Cipher Ring, if you have some extra Echoes lying around. Won’t get you above 20, but it’ll get you /to/ 20.