Willing to trade lolly for starveling cats

The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! It knows what we think! and we don’t like that!

Who can help me acquire the beasts my soul has to pat? If you’re in possession of any this fleabags of burden, please feel free to permanently lend them to me.
I can almost practically act as guarantor that allegedly no harm or balefulness seem terribly likely to eventuate.

Chances are, it even might be for the greater good!
I promise!
Just trust me!
Why should you not?

I’m willing to swap for mad lolly, äh, if come to think of it, say 60 first city coins per hairy beast. Other compensations needless to say negotiable.
Just send me your fleabags, the doubloons will follow. Or if you prefer dosh in advance, feel free to send me a pm or a letter to my dwelling.

Warmest Regards and thanks for your consideration.
I beg to remain, your most humble and obedient servant,

You mention beasts (plural). Is there a certain number you’re looking to acquire? Or just looking to become the craziest cat lady (or crazy cat gent, etc.) around?

(I do not have spares for trade - just wanted to ask.)

Seven is the number. Seven and Seven and Seven. This is the number. You are the number…

Huh? Sorry, was daydreaming. What was your question again?
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Ysrthgrathe, you should check out the forum thread called “The Starveling Cat! The Boxed Cat!” There you’ll find several players (some with multiple beasties) eager to have you or anyone take them off their hands. Some have already offered various sweeteners for the deal.

It’s here and stickied to the top of the Singing Mandrake:
And today is also your lucky day, I am holding a rhyming competition, which includes a reward large enough to sate that seeking need:

Thank you for the pointer, Catherine Raymond.

Cecil, the rhyming competition is a stunning idea. But regrettably I can’t even verse in my mother tongue, let alone in a foreign language.