Will you be my compass ?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen !

POSI’s door are finally at my reach, only have to grind some sneaky stats then i’ll be all set to gain some notoriety… Considering i’m far from a raw100 in strenght and stealth, i’m not very sure i want to take that step once my gear will allow me the virtual 100th. Do you think i should wait up and stat all to a raw 100 ?

The matter which displeases me is that almost every actions i’m taking are either brusing me with a high failure rate, or increases my suspiscion at an even higher rate… This is not as role play as i would hope it to be, considering i’m aiming to be someone of great persuasiveness and watchfullness.

I’m on the brink of entering the Nadir’s cave, &quotjust&quot need the cinder thingy; i’ve worked a bit in mahogany and the labyrinth of tiger, but not that much, my ambition nemesis is leading me to the iron republic, buut i haven’t been there yet …
And my actual case is the academy’s investigation.

the more i progress, the more i feel like this &quotbook where you are the hero&quot like game is turning to &quotThe book where you grind to become a hero&quot and that pisses me off. i’m spending most of my time discarding useless opp cards, grinding the same action again and again, and not discovering any interesting story (except for when you’ve hit the same &quotGO&quot button 12 times in a row …).

Some guidance, help, maybe a bit of comfort from a gentle Venus would be appreciated. the weather udner the neath’s roof is starting to weight …

Stat up to 100 first. Once you become a PoSI, the tinctures from the Bazaar before less effective.

The Cave of Nadir is not nice for people with low stats.

Try getting second chances from other players via social actions.

Also, languages.

thanks for answering, Estelle. Would you consider being my social interaction partner ?
I guess you could also put some of this quality time on profit of my Language…

[quote=AguSky the Witty]thanks for answering, Estelle. Would you consider being my social interaction partner ?
I guess you could also put some of this quality time on profit of my Language…[/quote]

I can help with menaces, but I don’t have any free evening to spare.

AguSky, I usually can spare an evening or two each week. Feel free to send me invites.

Me as well dear, happy to help. Unless you’re a spirifier.

I dunno about that. There are like maybe 2 things in the Nadir that actually challenge any stat at all.

ThingS like the end of battles pay just as well for someone with 0 stats as they do for someone with 100 stats. I know because I’ve run my stats down to 0 on four different occasions, and the nadir was a pretty nice way to keep the cash flow high while releveling.

Of note, characters with stats less than 50 (unmodified) are completely immune to stats loss from irrigo. So a low level character can go to the nadir and make mad profit at no risk. Bonus, normally if you hit perhaps not on the exit storyline where you lost stats to irrigo you get hit with the stats loss a second time. This also comes with a free drastic reduction of nightmares. A player with stats below 50 can effectively reduce their nightmares to 0 for the cost of 0 actions by repeatedly leaving the nadir.

So I would say it is in fact extremely low level stats friendly. Perhaps I might say it is generous even. Note you have to be a minimum of 60 watchful to go on the nadir quest in the first place, but once you have done that, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from destroying your stats to sub 50 and then having a fantastic time in the stats ignoring sections of nadir content :-)

Does having sub fifty stats prevent you from gaining irrigo? Or does it just shield you from its effects?

It just shields you from its effects.

Guess I won’t be nuking my stats for it then, thanks.

Thank you all for you gentle help and acquaintance ! i’m definitely noting your address in my private notebook !
no worry Dom_Louise, i’m in no way a spirifyer. I’m indeed a little bit involved in the devils ways, but i respect and value soul too much.

Nitebrite, thank you again for your nadir’s advice. This gives me the creep now, as i struggled to reach raw stats nearing 100. I suppose i’ll put the talkative rattus to good use there :)

Well now at least i need this purple demonic plant to enter the cave, that would be some time spent at the door doing nothing … maybe time to make up my mind ? :)