Will there be a Mr. Waters?

A name that burns. An over-fondness for one of the Cities. Mr. Fires is treading close upon the heels of the Drowned Man, don’t you think? And the second to third of seven is mirrored in the fifth to sixth: third- and second-from-last.

The fifth will live on in the heart of the sun, but that need not be literal. If Fires went to war for London’s sake, that would qualify as well as the average prophecy ever does. Prophecy is rarely literal, due to the threat of paradox that time travel always causes–even time travel of information.

Mr. Eaten is probably rather lonely. Perhaps whatever’s left of Fires after the next city falls can help with that . . .

This will always be one of my favorite theories, although I suppose we’ll never know the answer until the 6th city falls, perhaps Sunless Skies will reveal something

Lost in Reflections made no reference to a Firey cost for Paris, but the Oorts isn’t exactly trustworthy. Paris is not the only possibility, after all.

What got me thinking about this was a fanfic you can read here. It involves a conversation between a certain Master and a Seeker, and whoever wrote it deserves more accolades :D