Wikis? Also help with editing

As far as i can tell, fallen london has two main wiki sites:

Are either of these official? Which is most uptodate, or recieves more work?

I think the interface on the second one is a lot cleaner, but i can’t seem to edit it.

I’m attempting to edit this page:
The A Lovely Thought action is wrong, both in the reward listed, and the skill requirement, i suspect other things on that page are wrong too. i’m tryingg to correct them but i can’t.

The wikidot wiki I believe is official yet is outdated. The wikia wiki is much more reliable but as far as I can tell it’s not official. Both don’t show fate locked content aswell. I would personally recommend the wikia wiki. I’ve never corrected a page on the wikidot wiki so I can’t help you there.

Forever Changed by the Nadir
Imprisoned by Nightmares

Wikidot has a much better layout but it is very inactive. Most of the activity goes to the wikia.

Both of them are unofficial.

Jermion was trying unsuccessfully to edit the wikia page for &quotGo Mudlarking&quot, which is supposedly locked at 16 Watchful but still visible at three times that. Help with editing or advice on whether that is a bug would be gratefully received.

It used to be locked at 16 Watchful, but it is now unlocked for everyone so we can invite players through that story.

Because of the sheer amount of templates most pages on the wikia use, it’s pretty necessary to use the source view rather than the rich text view. Comparing various page sources is a good way to learn what templates have which effects, but if anyone has specific questions I’d be happy to assist.