Why would my Suspicion not be lowed when asking..

for help.

Sorry in advance, I am rather new to this game.

I was working on casing for a Big Score. I had 40 turns and I increased my casing from 6 to 13 (no failed attempts). I noticed that one of my options was stealing from the Duchess. And one of the requirements for this was a Suspicion of 3 or less. Which I had (3). When I ran out of turns, I synced to see if I picked up 1 or 2 in the time I played (I play on my phone). I have this countless time.

This time it said the syncing failed and reverted me back to my original 40 turns, losing everything I have done. So I do it again, but this time I fail a bunch of times and my Suspicion is 6 (5, since I have a -1 item). So I send out three help letter to friends to befuddle the constables, and all three do it (the last one saying in my inbox &quotSuscpicion has droped to 3 - Attracting Attention&quot

However, when I actually look at my Suspicion, it is still at 6 (really 5). The letters did nothing.

Does this happen often? Because I have have plenty of casing to do pretty much any job, but I can’t do the Duchess, even though one part of the games says I can, and another part says I cannot. I did nothing in the game from when those letters were accepted to now.
edited by Kutulhu on 12/11/2016
edited by Kutulhu on 12/11/2016

There seems to be a bug with results of some social actions in the (iOS, at least) app. I saw several people complaining about it, and I have reported similar behaviour more than a month ago myself (for different social actions). To the best of my knowledge it is still not fixed.

And I suggest to contact support, of course.

Thank you.

I have contacted the support about this exact issue before and the response I got was “We know about this bug, for now try to use the browser for social actions”. So if that’s an option for you, for now I’d recommend that.