why the keys?

Why should I change my lodgings? I have seven keys (or eight?) and I don’t see the purpose?
The cards I can hold in my hand are still three.

Once upon a time, your current Lodgings would give you a defence bonus when another player attacked you in Knife-and-Candle. Knife-and-Candle being on hiatus at present, the only practical difference is between standard Lodgings keys, which allow three cards, and the Big Three, the most expensive Lodgings, which allow four cards. And, of course, having a key gives you more options on the relevant Lodgings card, meaning more ways to accumulate Scrap for the Relickers.

Is it still useful to accumulate scraps from the low-level cards above PoSI-levels? To me it seems like their value is around 40-50 pence. Am I correct?

I’ve never even thought of scraps as having a monetary value. Rather, my thought process was thus:

1- Large amounts of scrap can be traded for rare and fascinating treasures.

2- Scrap can only be earned through opportunity cards.

3- The more often I can earn scrap through opportunity cards, the sooner I can trade them for rare and fascinating treasures.

The Relickers cards currently suggest that we will need 3200 scraps per rare and interesting item later in the game, with four such items available. That’s 12800 scraps.

Currently, the main sources of scraps are:

  1. The Relickers (all luck challenges.)

  2. The bat card (which is a luck challenge)

  3. The Overgoat (which requires the expense of buying an Overgoat, followed by finding someone to invite to the game)

  4. The Lodgings.

Of those options, Lodgings cards seem to appear the most frequently (although that’s probably just me).

There are a plethora of cards which provide scraps on an invite; such as the lizard, raven and mandrake card.

Ah, that I did not know. Thanks!

Something of note: The person you send an invite to doesn’t need to actually join. And actually, if you turn off the checkbox to send them a message, I don’t think they’re even notified in any way.

Though that does mean creating dozens of invitation codes without any intention to send them, thus wasting valuable internet.

…that’s why I stopped doing it, anyway. I have weird problems.