Why is my friendlist empty?

I assumed that FL was just having a hickup, but a friend sent me a boxed cat, so apparently I can be on other people’s friend lists. Is anyone else having this problem or do I just smell bad? It’s been this way for a few days now.

they’ve redone their friend system. If you click on the link on your messages (StoryNexus : World not Found) you go to your new friend management page. Click ‘add from twitter’ or ‘import from twitter’ or facebook or whatever to import all your twitter friends as ebz friends.

Alternatively, I believe you can add names that aren’t on your twitter as well. There is a blog about it at http://about.failbettergames.com/2012/09/17/670/

Most excellent!
Wait… that sounds like something from Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure.

Huh. So I have added a couple of people to my friends list (not through twitter or FB), but when I select a social card (Research sharing on the Unterzee), FL says that my friends list is empty! And when I go to my “My Friends” tag, it only has EchoBazaar and a guy I brought in who didn’t stick around. Wonder what I’m doing wrong.

The “My Friends” tab and the new friendlist are separate entities. I think it depends on the card whether or not it pulls from the old “My Friends” or the new, because I have ran into both with different cards.

I just had another empty list event. The way to fix it (at least for me) is to click the add friends link, once there I do nothing (or maybe just change the message settings). When I then go back to the game and try the card again I see the friends dropdown.