Why do I want "Troubled Waters" to be high?

I remember reading that I do, but I cannot find exactly why…

Because there’s a certain Neathymon that can only be found swimming in the middle of the storm.

You may find it useful if you are in need of strange animals, or really freaky owls that seem to need to consume strange animals.

Speaking to you from the exile of the Tomb Colonies, where I am busily hunting down replacements.

Thats it? Great, how high do I want the value to be?

I believe its somewhere in the min to low teens, like 13 or 14

I believe the opportunity only arises if you have already reached a certain point in the Labyrinth of Tigers, however. Otherwise it may be as well to head to the other isles with all due speed – although I found some of the other encounters in Troubled Waters highly entertaining.

What certain point? Tell me, tell me! :P.

You want to have gained access the Fourth Coil and to have started breeding animals for the Bishop. Once you’ve started that storyline, head out to zee, get your Troubled Waters to 11 and wait for a particular opportunity card.

Hmm, incidentally, when you get that one opportunity card (the one that bumps you up to 14, and says “play this even if your connected; the church stat is low”) what happens if you succeed because you had a high enough church stat?

Different message is all.