Why are Lenguals shadowy?

Gloves that can taste! And speak! And salivate![li]

Sounds great, but why would they add to shadowy? You would think all that saliva would get in the way of clandestine activities. Besides, shouldn’t the facilities to speak and taste add to your watchful or persuasive? They could serve both as a second opinion, an interesting conversationalist during salons, a means of avoiding certain foods or detecting hidden flavors…

Anyway, what I’m saying is - Lenguals are great. I just don’t get why they add to the shadowy stat.

I imagine that these very… tongue-y gloves could aid in matters of finesse by, say, flexing to grasp and manipulate small objects, or becoming slippery to aid in working in or out of tight situations, or bending into odd positions to work elaborate locks. Plus, they may have a Shadowy personality - just as Polythreme’s other line of gloves aid in Watchful and Dangerous because they have the instincts of a hunting-beast.

In addition to what Sir Fred suggested, I bet they would also aid in safe-cracking - in the past, safe-crackers were known to sandpaper their fingertips in order to increase sensitivity, so they could better feel the minute movements of the safe’s tumblers as they clicked into place. I imagine the Lenguals, being tongues, would be quite sensitive and good at that.

Perhaps they can not only speak, but even throw their voices?

And perhaps they tell the most wicked, calumnious lies!

…Still sounds like persuasive to me. Just a rather, er, different sort of persuasion.

Yes, I thought that as I was writing it. I imagine they’re popular among the wealthier clients of the Parlour of Virtue.