Who would you help?

Say eventually you were given a choice to help one of these factions take power in London, who would you choose?

Can you edit in “put yourself in power?”

As unsavory as they often are. The Masters/The Bazaar (not always the same faction, really) are probably the least likely to ruin literally everything forever.

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The Masters, because bats. They also seem significantly less likely to break the universe or body-jack me than the others, so that’s also a pretty nice bonus.

Yeah I was going to put them in separate categories but I didn’t want to end up having too many categories, sorry.

[The man seems to be externally calm, but then something odd start to happen: his breath intensifies, he blinks neurotically for a moment and then starts to shiver, it appears like he suppresses some haunting movement. He takes few deep breaths, closes his eyes and become tranquil once again…
… And then he suddenly makes a wild-horse face, leaps forward, takes a &quotY&quot pose and screams: [color=orange]&quotPRAISE THE SUN!&quot[/color]]

My Destiny portends that I shall eventually serve the Fingerkings as their huntsman. So, really, I am probably angling towards that faction.

If given a choice between these four, where betraying them and taking everything for themself is not an option, my character would probably go with the Fingerkings. They’ve shown that they’re significantly less likely to stab everyone they’ve ever known in the back than the Masters are.

I don’t know two of these factions enough to judge. Between the masters / the bazaar and the revolutionaries, the masters / the bazaar are the safer option. But I don’t like them either.

The Fingerkings are stackbabbing bumscags, and the New Sequence and Calendar Council are extremists with plans to extinguish all opposition by one means or another. At least the Bazaar will eventually leave.

Not to the extent that the Masters are. By a long shot.

I see I’ll need more bombs than I expected…

The Calendar Council would take away all light, the Fingerkings would take my body, and the Dawn Machine would take my mind. I’ll take the Bazaar: She only takes my stories and my money. Also cities, but I don’t have any of those, so I care less about that.
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While I’m deeply interested in learning more of the Fingerkings, perhaps even one day finding employment with them, ultimately I enjoy the status quo just as it is. Mr. Fires is not an necessarily an enjoyable sort, but it does champion London quite vigorously. Therefore, I’d continue to support it first as long as our aims on that matter coincided.

The Masters are treacherous, in-fighting losers. But they’re the treacherous, in-fighting losers we know. The treachery and in-fighting of the Fingerkings and Calendar Council are somewhat less well publicized… And the Dawn Machine keeps such practices at bay by brainwashing its supporters…

As the old saying goes, better the space-bats and/or crab you know than the dreamsnakes and/or chaotic sociopaths you don’t. Or a mechanical god. That’s bad too.

…Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s how the saying goes…

Is the Khanate the closest thing we have to a stable society, with only the ordinary amount of privateering and executions? Or do they secretly sacrifice travelers to an underwater dragon squirrel?

Goodness. I don’t even know who some of those people are, much less if I might support them. I’ve a lot of content to find yet.

Reject the Dawn Machine!