Who would you be Closest To, if you could?

I used to be closest to Hell and its Devils… But no longer. I am still undecided as whether favor the devils again, criminals, or society, but if I could, I’d be closest to the Masters.

Praise be to the Masters! All you people deserve to be devoured by the Vake!

Well, my opinion is Revolutionaries. The Masters hold too much power. There are too many strange things here, and they are after them. They are after the death of my family, so I had to came here for vengeance.

Closest to: the Dilmun Club


Krawald would probably be closest to themselves, and only chose to align with a fraction for the rewards. Loogan Cuthoat is pretty happy aligning with the criminals, though he prefers the honest ones.

Well, I’m closest to the Constables, and I do quite like it. But I do wish my attention could be shared (which, yes, would defeat the whole purpose). I am quite fond of the Church and the Docks, also two very contradictory Masters…

I’d definitely want to be closest to the Masters or The Bazaar

I’m currently closest to The Great Game, which no longer fits, due to a severe bout of disillusionment following the matter of my long-lost daughter. Now, I have no idea. The Bohemians, while useful to an aspiring Author, are a tad too hedonistic for my tastes. Of late, I find my connection to the church and society to be distressingly high, which goes against all I originally thought. I believe I shall let it develop, but if I get a chance to switch that I can afford, I shall take it.

Constables at the moment, seems appropriate, since I’m hunting a certain Jack. Probably going to switch back to Docks after I close the case (I love zailing both in SS and FL). But there’s something else - Felix is soulless at the moment, has been for some years, since he lost his soul for the first time (I know some people re-sell their soul again and again, but I haven’t found mine yet) and when he gets reacquainted with it might get overwhelmed by shame and guilt and other unpleasant emotions and turn to the Church.

my main: probably the dockers or tomb-colonists or whoever has the best hunter-fighters.

I’m also thinking I’d be closest to the tomb-colonists or the dockers. With all the dying you might inevitably do and the fact that you get shipped off to the colonists when you’ve attracted too much scandal it seems like it’d be a good idea to befriend them and the people who take you to them.

I wish I had a steady way to gain dock connection without spending a lot as I’m new to London and I think I’d really like to be a rat catcher.

I don’t want to add clutter to the thread, but about how many levels of connection do you gain when you use a Pewter Tankard? I’m 11 levels away from 25. If you used one without spending fate and say had a Connected level of 19 could it jump to 25 or would you only be able to gain that last level?

Pretty much as soon as I saw the Tomb Colonists I thought it’d be really neat if there was some type of graveyard caretaker profession. I can easily see that being interesting in terms of lore and having stories attached/related to it like getting closer and closer to the colonists and learning about the secrets of their tombs/colony. Thinking about that makes me wonder why there isn’t some kind of police officer profession. I guess maybe it’s something to come or The Last Constable shows us that &quotreal&quot police are all but a thing of the past and what remains are servants of the status quo like people who really only keep whatever the Masters consider to be peace.
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Neither, really. If you use the non-fate option on the Tankard when you’re 19, it WILL shoot past 20, but it’s only got enough oomph to take you to maybe 21 or 22… the last few levels, well, you’ll have to earn those the hard way.

As for police-officer professions, you CAN be an ‘Agent’, which aligns you with the constables as much as the Great Game. Once you become Dangerous enough, you can also join the constables’ Velocipede Squad, though that’s more of a Magnum Force-esque group of ‘cowboy cops’, stomping down on crime by any means necessary…