Who would you be Closest To, if you could?

Selecting a ‘Closest To’ faction is not a choice of great gameplay significance… well, if that’s all you’re after, you’ll be with The Bohemians or The Great Game, I expect, just for the ‘Counting the Days’ utility. However, if you like to roleplay, and give your character some actual… character, the answer to the question stated by the game - &quotWho do you toast when nobody is listening?&quot - is a very relevant one.

Of course, a close look at the various options that require a particular Closest To reveals that there’s several options that exist in theory, but is not currently possible to attain. The Widow, The Masters, The Duchess, The Rubbery Men, The Masters, The University… perhaps others, across the zee?

If every faction was an option, whom would your character throw his or her (or its) lot in with? One of the already-available ones - or would you really prefer the shadowy power of The Masters, the Widow’s oriental crime-syndicate, the academic minds of The University… or perhaps the wordless mysteries of The Rubbery men? Or would you - were it possible - pledge your allegiance to the Hundred-Hearted King of Polythreme? The ruthless mysteries of The Presbyterate? Or the living remnants of the Fourth City, the Far Khanates?

My character - well, he’d throw his lot in with The Masters. Not because he trusts or even particularly LIKES them, but simply because they make such USEFUL allies. No-one has greater reach, greater power, in The Neath. And that is something I can use… so to them, I toast! And I care not who hears it…

The University is a place where secrets unfold. In the course of neathly events, one may find themselves working in concert with or opposed to The Masters, but the University welcomes all plots.

If I could, I’d consider myself closest to the Rubbery Men, both by marriage and because of their Arts.
Also, Flukes are cute, with their curious disposition and their fascination with steam machines.

My main would definitely want to align with the Masters, while Delmar Tramontane would want to join in with Rubbery Men. Gloria might go for the Fingerkings, though I think she’d regret it later.

I prefer the urchins. I might also like the drownies and the fingerking, and the unfinished men, but that is my right as a sampler of terrors.

The university. And in internal politics I’m probably closer to Benethic.

That’s other than “Me, Myself and I” which is my character’s primary allegiance. She has strong beliefs and won’t bend to anyone else’s take on them.

I’m currently Closest To: Constables, which is probably appropriate. My character used to have rather significant Revolutionary leanings, but after learning more about all that “Liberation of Night” business, decided he couldn’t stomach it and changed sides. The Masters would be an enticing choice as well.

Eris started off closest to the Bohemians, which worked out well for a while as she was a journalist/novelist. Then (due to a misclick) she ended up closest to the Great Game, but that rapidly became more and more out of character. She’s currently closest to Society, which is not spectacularly interesting, but is in character.

However, if the University connections were possible, that would be a very good fit for her as well.

If one wanted to place onesself at the very centre of Neathy intrigue, then Closest to: Millicent Clathermont / Lilac would be a very interesting choice…

I’m in that boat at the moment too. I’m thinking of switching to the Bohemians.

If I had the choice, I would like to be closest to The Judgments, or maybe The Dragons. :p
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Isn’t that ultimately Closest to: Bazaar?

I am undecided.
Bohemians, Constables and the Great Game all fits me.

Zeel would still stick with Hell, although Rubbery Men are close. For Jass, I imagine she’d become closest to Parabolan forces. or possibly try to shape her own faction to make London a better place.

Sinning Jenny.

The New Sequence/The Dawn Machine.

Ideally I’d like to be closest to the University. My lady is currently very close to Hell…she’s been known to make questionable decisions in her life.
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None of you have said Mr Eaten. I’m very disappointed in you all. Please think of the cool ghosts.

No more Eaten things for me. Never.

Soran is currently Closest To: Hell, but if it was an option, they would absolutely switch sides to the Masters. Not for money, or power, or any of that nonsense, but because bats.

And, while Zero’s current loyalty (the Great Game) fits his past quite well, Closest To: the Fingerkings might better-fit his future.

Cairn, on the other hand, is perfectly fine with the Criminals (they are a criminal mastermind, after all).

Probably judgements, its all about raising up the chain. Plus i think having stars as friends would be cool at parties.