Who wants to get drunk and get a tattoo?

[color=FFFFFF]Seeker of Names cannot get their preferred tattoo (Mr Eaten’s Name, in case you were wondering). Is there anyone who would like to get drunk with them and get a random tattoo?

The benefit of the tattoo is it will give you a permanent +1 to Bizarre. But apparently [font=‘Lucida Grande’, ‘Lucida Sans Unicode’, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif]&quotThey do not give any other bonus. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as a magic tattoo.&quot

Preference goes to someone who doesn’t have access to the Forgotten Quarter and is therefore unlikely to get their own access to the tattoo[/font] parlour. Otherwise, first in best dressed.
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My friend, Adeline Frost (username cinno2x4) is actually quit interested in this option. She’s asleep now, but I’m booking her in for first in so that once she wakes, she can take you up herself.

I did it, and it was fun. The result was good enough, but the sharing of the experience was remarkable. I recommend it to those undecided.

Oh dear, I seem to be a latecomer to the ink… Everyone I’ve asked to share a tattoo with me already has one! Anybody still unvarnished and looking to change that feel free to let me know…

I have an ink-less alt. What stats are required to be able to accept an invite?

Excellent question! I have no idea as I just more or less stumble about randomly having fun. If you share said identity the easy way to find out is for me to try extending an invitation. Err, wait is it Moomin then? In any event many thanks.

Never mind, I was able to track down someone I know who indulged my curiousity. Plus I now have a friendly token of winter on my arm that won’t end up melting…

I’ve been going undecided for a week and have just found myself just one level of MW short of my next point of notability. I’ve got booze ready if anyone wants to go drinking![li]

UPDATE: I’ve found a drinking buddy!
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