Who else is here?

Who are these strange people in my lodgings? I did not invite them.

Oh! Um, I’ll just show myself out, then.

I believe this is the offical version of the old “Public echoes” feature that Alexis teased us with a bit back.

It seems interesting. Especially because it allows to instantly add people who echoed something… A handy way to enter in contact with active players.

I think it’s a cool feature, and I like it in theory, but I’m not very keen on the idea of strangers adding me. I don’t like having people on my list unless I’ve at least chatted with them - and on my alts, I’d rather not have anyone add those at all.

I don’t mind at all to be added by strangers - all the more chance to find people for social actions, dinners, chess, confessions, whatever ^^

I wish there was an easier way to interact with people. Like some sort of a “Invite to lodgings” option that whould open up a ingame chat window. Letters are silly.

More people to get random nightmares requests from. More people to get stabbed by. :s

[color=#009900]One of our longest-requested features is a way for players to find other players within the game. Everyone already has a publicly available profile, and this only shows posts from that. We may ultimately allow private or friends-only journals, or we may not. For now, consider it the FL equivalent of a LFG channel, and like FL, more sedate and literate than the average LFG channel.[/color]

[color=#009900]If you’re creating user accounts specifically designed for contact only with your main character, then - well, we generally regard this a necessary evil. We understand why people do it, and it’s way more effort to track and penalise it than it’s worth, especially because the players who do it are generally enthusiasts. But it’s not the way the game’s designed to be played, and you absolutely shouldn’t be surprised as and when we make changes that make it a less desirable strategy. (I should add that we take a very dim view of anyone who uses it to gain competitive advantage against single-account players - this is one reason the Moon League is built the way it is.)[/color]

[color=#009900]Yeah. This was an experimental first pass, and the next pass will likely exclude the block from appearing in some areas.[/color]


Ooooh, interesting. One reason I like this: it lets me re-sample content that I may have left behind long ago. Might be worth it to randomly tramp through Fallen London just to see what people have been up to in various locations.

Well I must say that if a random player sends an in-game invite without adding a note, especially if it is something that might come with a hidden sting (poison rather than healing, scandal dupe, etc.) I wouldn’t be very happy. But not everyone reads the forums to find people in game so I might just send a note pointing them here.[li]
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Side note: I’m currently seeing a bug where the “Like us on Facebook” widget is overlapping the bottom portion of the box.

Point. I feel… mildly chastised. :s Most of my alts are just for different styles of playthroughs - I have the genius career criminal, [color=#c2c2c2]the racially intolerant high-society woman with a silly name, the detective journalist with a bent towards conspiracy theories, the cheerful rifleman, and Nicolas Cage. My problem with the contact-my-alts thing is that people keep stabbing them, mostly. They’re like my mini-mes. Not particularly fond of the stabbing. (But then again, the reason why they’re in K&C goes back directly to your original point, so. Chastisement!)

Still, I’m not very fond of the idea of random people adding me on my main account. I dislike rejecting social actions, even menace requests - the other person spent an action on them, and it’s rude to have that be wasted - but it gets frustrating when you’re getting them from people you don’t know. Ah, well. I’m a bit OCDish about my friends list.[/color]

If you really feel bad, just accept it once and send a message warning them that you’re probably going to reject any further offers they send unless you actually get to know them. That way they haven’t wasted an action, and they know ahead of time all further requests will just be rejected.

Think of it like this: if they send random menace requests in the dark to people, that’s their risk and, ultimately, their choice. If you’re feeling generous, you can accept it, but you don’t need to feel bad about it because they’re giving driveby menace requests. ;) (I wouldn’t count it as rude to turn it down, because it’s not terribly courteous to ask such things of complete strangers.)

That being said, I think that random stabbings are most definitely an occupational hazard of the game of Knife and Candle. Though…I realize that I’ve not experienced them very much, since I’ve engaged in the Moon League with frequency.

I like it! It’s fun to see who else is active.

[color=#009900]Don’t feel overly chastised. We know people do it, we watch for patterns, we live with it. The red-lines for me are ganging up with seven alts to attack one other player, or cheating with free Fate. Everything else is a nuisance we live with and we understand why it happens.

[color=#009900]I think the protocol around this will even itself out over time, and it’ll fade into the background like those c/p guild recruitment messages in MMOs. If we keep it, we’ll be adding more versatile communications methods, too, not to mention, oh, anti-spam and all that nonsense. But we don’t want to reinvent Twitter.[/color]


I’ve added lots of strangers through these forums–I don’t mind one more tool with which to do so! Some of those strangers, in fact, are well on their way to becoming real friends, given how many years I’ve played FL and how much time I spend playing it. :-) In short, I like the new proposed feature, and people who do not can simply ignore it.

I think that is different, putting my name and profile into my forum posts means that I have actively invited people to add me to their contacts list. Taking random names from a new feature in game feels very different and not a matter of personal choice.

Edit to add - also I won’t know if any new people who send me an in-game invite found me through the forum or off the side-bar.

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Me too.