Who are you Closest To?

We all play the game of connections. Sometimes we need something from our &quotDear&quot friends at the Brass Embassy. Sometimes we need info, and who better to go to for that the players of The Great Game? And let’s face it, the Bohemiens are always fun to hang about.

But this is not a question on which connections you use.

When you are alone, when noone else else can hear you and you raise a glass of the 68 to your lips, to whom do you pledge your true allegiance?

The Urchins. They’re made out of potential, their motives are relatively simple, and they’re good fun to hang out with. Of all the people I met in my first days in London, the urchin on my rooftop was the most honest and open.

There are other factions I’ve considered important, but they all have their little flaws. Both colleges of the University can be remarkably close-minded sometimes, the Bohemians easily distracted to the point of faithlessness, and Society has the most bizarre rules about what is acceptable and/or fashionable.

The urchins have never steered me wrong, aside from the occasional lack of respect for society’s conventions about property.

The Bohemians. Contrary to the previous poster’s opinion, I believe them to be the very epitome of faith, bar the Church. They are a surprisingly welcoming and yet exclusive culture; we watch out for our own, as art is so often misunderstood. It is good to be part of a hard-working faction, as well, for our opportunities are not found, but made. We forge our own chances in this world, and that makes me proud.

No one! I’ve trifled with factions, but I’m honestly best off working for myself. If I had to pick a faction, I’d probably pick Criminals – but considering I sided with the Constable early on in the story, it’s not really an option to ally myself with them. Besides, it’s a bit much to say closest to, considering I’m more their leader than anything.

Frederick is closest to the Urchin’s too. After losing his daughter, he has a special affection for children, especially the honest and resourceful kind.

Currently I’m closest to Society. I’m not sure why. It was a choice I made early on in my Fallen London experiences, and by the time I could change my faction I didn’t particularly want to sacrifice all of that connection to pick another one I might have to ditch if the Masters ever become an option.

Soran is closest to Hell, for reasons probably better left unexplored (though I could easily see them switching sides to the Masters if that ever becomes an option, because bats). Zero Hunt is closest to the Great Game, since he is supposed to be a spy. Kasha Cairn is closest to the Criminals, because Cairn is (mostly) a horrible person.

Originally I was closest to the Tomb Colonist, but after I gave the location of a secret cave to the Spies, they called me their friend and the Colonists cast me out.

I am currently closest to the Great Game for the same reason as above- I kind of wonder how many people make an effort to change allegiance after the Cave of the Nadir? But in my heart it is still the Bohemians, for the simple fact that in all the darkness of Fallen London they still know how to have a good time.

For a long while I was closest to Hell. The Great Game made ame an over I could not refuse.

I’m closest to the bohemians, and I admit it does not fit the heartless view I have of the character.

On the other hand, I’m not really sure if there’s a first order optimal selection, or a more complicated reason.

It is something I will have to adress someday, if the change cost is not going to ruin me.

I chose The Bohemians. My character is an author, though not much of an artist, and I’m certain he would delight in such vibrant (and entrancing) company. The way I see it, if you’re going to spend a lifetime or more underground, might as well do it with interesting folks. ^_^

Currently no one in particular since the Rubbery Men option is not available.

Quite a few times there was a temptation to join the Bohemians and Tomb-Colonists, the former for their hedonism and the latter for the closest faction to being exotic.

I must say I’m fond of The Brass Embassy Devils just wanna have high society fun you know. I also like the Bohemains and Rubbery Men I’m very odd in my tastes of loyalties.