Which recent stories are most captivating?

[color=#0066ff]We’re interested to hear from you about recent additions to Sunless Sea and Fallen London (stories from this year, so including Saviour’s Rocks, Isle of Cats, the Wistful Deviless, the First Curator etc). We’d also include The Last Court in this.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]Which stories have stayed with you most? Which grabbed you, tickled you, surprised and delighted you - and why?[/color]
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Can’t comment on the Sunless Sea, I played the beta, but most of the stories were not there yet. And now I am waiting for the finished version.

Fallen London… did not really have that many finished stories. Things with an ending. There were of course some small snippets of text/situations, that I liked a lot. Playing chess with a random monkey on the street, finding a monster sized eyeball, going around the Mutton Island during the Festival (but not the fishing part, the fishing sucked). The thing I enjoy in FL is finding something strange, or hearing a stranger mentioning something on the streets and figuring out how it all connects to the things I know already.
I squealed a lot when I got my Suite at the Royal Beth. Those windows into Parabola. That was the highlight of the year.
Oh and attending The Seventh Letter stage play. FL went full on Utena there and my brain exploded trying to interpret the thing and how it relates to actual history of the Bazaar.

Last Court is nice all around. We don’t have many games that let us role-play rulers. Empire simulators, sure. Emperor simulators? Not so much. So it gets special love from me just for that. Better yet, you rule a city of glass-makers. With an ancient forest just over the bridge. And an insane mage for an ancestor. It’s nice to rule an interesting place.
As for the actual stories… I liked the sealed chantry, I guess. Even if it was gameplay wise a &quotlet’s throw every possible skill check at the player hard-mode style, and then let him wait 20 minutes to ask a simple question, while the game times out on him&quot. I still liked where it went.
And the Green Knight. On the one hand I wanted to learn more of him and not to kill him, since he was not hostile. On the other hand he was encroaching on Serault and her people, which I considered rightfully mine at that point… so I did want to kill him. It was a nice conundrum.

I am not finished with Last Court yet, btw. I’d very much like to learn what Shame was trying to do. And finish his work maybe. Though I guess we don’t get to do the last bit, since the game focuses on Divine’s visit.
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I loved the Fallen London weekly snippets and encourage their return with great enthusiasm.

I did enjoy the Last Court, though it got a little grindy near the end when I had seen the result of all of the normal cards. I particularly loved the Horned Knight content. Were I the Marquis of Serault, he could gift me creepy people/flower art installations whenever he’d like.

I liked working with the Wry Functionary on the admiralty problem, that’s the one that sticks the most in my mind (although it did feel incomplete).

The ‘why’ of it is harder. I think it was the insight into the way the admiralty worked, and the engagement because unlike most of the other storylines, I was having a bigger impact on a friend’s career than on my own. I know that the functionary isn’t protected by my plot shield (or at least I could lose him and have to work to get him back), and that made making the hard decisions harder.

Hallowmas was pretty cool too, just from the social aspect of it all.

I came here from sunless sea, I simply loved the atmosphere and needed more. That said, I probably shouldn’t have purchased the game when I did…it felt overly unfinished and unsatisfying after 5 or so hours of play. I’m shelving it until it’s properly done. Sorry if that answer isn’t totally on point.

I did like the wistful deviless a lot fwiw. I like the idea of there being conflict in hell. Possibly because I detest the soul trade and wish to drive them from London…

My favorite story content from this year is the wedding to other players content.
Having just been through a wedding myself, I must say it’s spot on.
Tons of options. Lots of equitable rewards. And the ability to do all of this co-operatively with other players?
Brilliant stuff! I love it.

I quite liked the Wry Functionary storylet, too, but I would have liked more of a definitive ending to the content. Some more observable consequence of the option you chose for the admiralty.
I presume there is more to come with this, though.

My favorite bit of new content this year is the fruits of the zee festival. Talk about pulling out all the stops, that content had everything! Interesting storylets (I liked the horse head that bit people), airs mechanics to cycle the stories and keep them fresh, carousel mechanics that were nicely dressed so that they were fun to play and read, unique currencies and reward items, and it let us all visit mutton island without having to zail there or give up our K&C forms. I really loved all the silly strange catch quality texts. Each level of strange catch was hilarious and terrible and also beautiful, to the point where I wanted to keep fishing forever, but alas I ran out of map bits eventually. I kind of wish fishing was available all the time, I’d be fishing -right now- if I could. I didn’t even mind what it was doing to my quirks levels because I was just having that good of a time. And then later in the month I started getting a bunch of social actions from friends who stuck around long enough to max out their stormy-eyed if you know what I mean ;)

In sunless sea I am not so good at it, so I don’t know a lot of the stories yet. But one thing that I enjoy a lot is to just, collect up a bunch of blemmigans from the uttershroom and then let them lose on every island possible haha. Its probably going to come back to bite me one day, but I cant resist.

In The Last Court, I really enjoyed all the little things you can do and read while hunting. The chanters are cool. The Shame is cool. I like how being a good ruler involves solving cases as if you are some kind of super fancy private detective haha. Its a nice game overall for sure. The horned knight story was pretty interesting and one of my favorites, but I missed large chuncks of it due to log outs. But it was interesting enough that I want to play another cycle with the same choices just to get that text I missed.
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Oh sweet lord! Signing up for Last Court was such a pain, and then they tell me I’m not eligible…so, one vote for terrible content. Here’s some feedback. Partnering with EA is a bad idea, they are terrible, and your association with them in this instance is the first thing I have ever hated about you.

I replied on tumblr but space there was very limited so I’ll expand here, and get things I couldn’t fit out too.

I like the fatelocked hallowmas investigation. Obviously I have to keep the details to a minimum, but bridging two separate stories together was really great. I enjoyed seeing some Relicker info, and then getting more on the face-tailor after all that time was great. Good writing and I got to get a new, useful option. I especially enjoyed my reward from the tailor, it wasn’t what I expected at all, but it was a quality bit of writing that meshed comedy with information.

Sunless Sea I’ve been away from for a bit, but I enjoyed the Wistful Deviless story there, It was accessible and worthwhile, with plenty of tasty info about Devils, the Brass Embassy, and Hell’s general political shenanigans. Good stuff for sure. Obviously this isn’t the place for criticisms, but I have to say my hiatus was driven by unpleasant map configurations. An empty or sparse &quotregion&quot directly east of London makes for a troublesome experience. I’ll get back so it soon, dying at zee is just too fun.

I haven’t played the Last Court, but friends of mine who don’t play FL but are at this moment frothing at the mouth over Inquisition absolutely loved it. In fact, you’ll be happy to hear that they have been lured into the neath by your excellent work there. My persuasive check failed but yours was a straightforward success ;)

I also had this problem. Apparently the name &quotNigel&quot contains prohibited words or letters.

Tried to reply to this over at my stepdad’s place, but the kitties kept wanting to submit input even though they haven’t played any of the games. Silly kittens.

I really loved the Bag a Legend update, and while I wasn’t expecting to be promised a trip into a certain place in future content I’m quite excited to see what it’s like there. Perhaps Gloria will have special options there due to its relevance to her profession? I’ll just have to wait and see.

The weekly snippets were great while they lasted. It was really nice being able to look forward to something new each week, though I understand why they were halted for a while. Looking forward to their return.

The Lilac content and Wry Functionary stories were excellent. I love reading conversations and being able to somewhat direct what is clarified or discussed. Though the Wry Functionary Love side wasn’t very friendly to those who like to explore the options they haven’t seen, but for the most part the wrong choices made sense. One thing I really liked about the Admiralty side of the Wry Functionary content is that it seemed like an initial start to something huge. I’m eager to see how this progresses.

I also had this problem. Apparently the name “Nigel” contains prohibited words or letters.[/quote]

First three letters are the likely culprit there. Not sure what issue is with Dom_Delouise, though…of course, in both cases they’re being overly sensitive. Kinda like you can’t nickname a Pokémon Violet even though nobody would look at that name and see the offensive part of it.

[color=#0066ff]Lots of thoughts here about endings, or lack of endings, to content. In an ongoing game, it’s interesting to think about mysteries, reveals and conclusions. I guess it’s the same as any long-form media, especially TV shows which run for 10 or 15 series. [/color]

A vow of secrecy prevents me from talking about my favorite piece of content I encountered this year. All I can say is that there wasn’t very much screaming involved.

I answered this in more detail on the Facebook page, but I’m currently having a great deal of fun breeding Panthers.

Played and enjoyed the new Face Trade storyline and found the storyline itself quite enjoyable. I had always wondered what happened to the tailor since hearing a whispered phrase in the rain. The secrets at the end were interesting, but such a brief glimpse at something larger was somewhat frustrating. Overall though, well worth the Nex.

I really enjoyed the Wry Functionary storyline. The options related to quirks were particularly neat.

My favorite content this year was the Noman. It was extremely touching and I found myself considering the implications of various parts of the story/my actions.

I will also say that I was unhappy with losing points of Subtle to the fishing only to find I couldn’t regain them at all. I had Machiavellian, but am now only as wily as our scaly brethren. :(