Which item to use to advance Nemesis?

I’m at the point in the Nemesis storyline where I need to answer &quotWhat is the taste?&quot to progress. I’ve got my Gaoler’s Honey ready to go… but I also have an Uncanny Incunabulum I could use instead.

Which one do you recommend I use, from a storytelling and/or gameplay perspective?


If your character really likes pesky little things like ‘normality’, use the book. Otherwise, take a terrifying jaunt into red honey! It’s the only time you’ll have an excuse to use it for a good reason. And believe me, you want to be doing it for a reason.

I didn’t even know you could use two items for that until now. That said…

Use Gaoler’s Honey. It seems like the story itself is more geared for honey than the other option and UI is hard to grind for in my experience.

From both perspectives, I strongly suggest that you use the one you’ve striven so hard to obtain, both in the FQ and at the University.

Unless you take that route, I’m not quite sure you’ll ever discover quite what it does (NB it won’t harm you).

On the same topic, I’m at the stage where I can embark on a Red-Honey dream. Has anyone any advice to offer? I’ve done a little digging on the wiki to get a sense of what it will be like but obviously experience is always a better guide.

Expect it to start out fascinating, and then get into a major sense of creeping unease. If you’re a sympathetic sort of person, you’ll feel kind of repulsed by what you’re obviously doing to people if you spend too long playing with the opportunity cards.

And you get some free fate if you’re a terrible person!

Which, of course, I did because I am. I mean, my character is. I mean, my character is very concerned about finding out the truth, which means exploring quite thoroughly. Ahem.
edited by Wooster on 8/16/2016

And nearly three weeks later, I’ve finally stopped being distracted by flirting with the Melancholy Curate and fishing for Strange Catches and have tasted the Red Honey.

Thanks for your advice!