Which is more useful

Access to the Cave of Nadir or having Tears of the Bazaar around?

Anyway, I’m currently finishing up acquiring supplies to go find the cave of Nadir and I know at the end you’ll need 400 echoes to buy a Ray-Drenched Cinder.

And I have a thing of Tears of the Bazaar, which would cover most of the cost of the cinder.

It looks like the main uses of tears of the bazaar are related to christmas stuff, which gives me plenty of time to find more if i need it for that, whereas using the Nadir is limited by real time so it would seem to be that it would be best to unlock it as soon as possible so I can start doing weekly visits.

So my current thought is probably I should sell the tears once I complete the expedition, but I wanted to make sure there isn’t something really obvious that I’m missing that’ll come back to bite me.

Well, Tears of the Bazaar aren’t exactly easy to get. You need some fairly rare items to convert into them, and need an opportunity card. Sure, they would cover most of the cost, but in my opinion you should keep them and sell other stuff that is more easily obtained again :) Moreover, 7 tears can be converted into one of the most valuable things out there.

But is there a particular use for said valuable item, beyond just having a super valuable trophy for your mantlepiece?

Okay it appears that it’s how you upgrade your bazaar house but i’m currently aiming for a room at the royal bethlehem so I’m not sure that’s very useful to me

Plus I think acquiring enough money from other sources is likely to take me past the next occurance of Time the Healer, and I’d like to squeeze in a trip to the Nadir before then.

With the Nadir, you get another source of airag, which is nice if you want to convert for more tears of the Bazaar. The easiest choice would be to find something easier to sell, though.

If I need to with either, I’d probably sell it.
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I don’t think I have the 400 echoes in the rest of my stuff, unless I end up selling nearly everything (like I think I have sixteen 12.50 items, for example, which is only half what i need.) and a lot of that stuff I have specific uses for. I already spent several hundred echoes getting supplies to do the expedition, so most of my easily replenishable assets have been liquidated
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Several hundred echoes? I don’t recall it being that expensive for the supplies. How did you get them?
I ended up selling my Dreadful Surmise for the cider, but that’s clearly not an option here. Do you have any trade secrets stored up? Those can be exchanged for a searing enigma and 5 antique mysteries–about 120 echoes total. Granted, you’d need to wait for four professional perks, but if you have any stored, it’d be best to liquidate them.

Just as a heads up, the pence option for supplies is a very bad one and should be avoided if possible.

I was using the Strong Backed Labour option since it’s the fastest in terms of actions (though not echoes, that appears to be the appalling secrets option)

Either way getting 100 supplies costs a lot. (or takes days of grinding for secrets or doing wilmots end)
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edited by WormApotheote on 8/15/2014

Appalling secrets aren’t that good either, as they only give 1, always at the cost of 1.5 E of items. It takes a lot of time either way, though, I agree.

Well whispered secrets is average ~1.925 E for ~1.25 supplies, which comes out to 1.54E, Strong Backed Labour is obviously not the most cost efficient way, at 2.7E/supply if you use the sidestreets to buy it, but is 2.5 supplies/action which is possibly a more valuable resource

Porters is 1.7E and one action for three supplies if you value connections at 2 pence/CP, so I used it when I could, but I didn’t have nearly enough connections to fund the whole expedition that way.

Mostly I burned through the resources I had, then went for strong backed labour since it was the fastest to get the rest of the supplies. (I saved the notes I had because I need those to get my academic reputation fixed, because oops.)

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Strong backed labour can be gotten through the high level conflict card between the widow and the docks, by siding with the docks.

You can farm connected with the widow with story options, and then cash it in for strong-backed labour. Doing this also gets a small quantity of connected docks and a small quantity of jade: both things that can also be traded for supplies (jade will need to be traded with the Tiger Keeper for secrets first, naturally).

I’m not sure if it’s the most efficient option, and if you go regularly then your expeditions would be often held up waiting for the card, but it isn’t a bad option.

[quote=WormApotheote]Porters is 1.7E and one action for three supplies if you value connections at 2 pence/CPer …[/quote]Wow. They changed the porter from the docks to 3 x Expedition Supply? That’s pretty impressive considering how easy it is to get Connected to: Docks, and how much time it saves to get more than 1-2 supplies at a time. Even for people who don’t draw cards all the time there’s the Engraved Pewter Tankard that takes 3 Actions to raise Connected to: Docks by 75 CP for 150 x Glim, so that’s 3 x 4 = 12 Actions and 600 x Glim for 300 CP, and then another 5 Actions and 250 x Rostygold for 15 x Expedition Supply. So that’s 17 Actions and 8.5 Echoes total.

With Whispered Secrets I’d have to spend 28 Actions to get 16 x Expedition Supply (17 out of 48 has given me double supplies since I began counting). And I’d certainly make more than 8.5 Echoes in the Actions I’d save. Could it be that expeditions can now compete with Collections of Curiosities? To the mathmobile!

Sadly, the result I got was only about 1.4 Echoes/Action. Getting the CPs from Youthful high spirits gave me about 1.9 Echoes/Action though, so that’s clearly a contender.