Where to start?

Okay so I know it might sound like a decent opening line, but no. This is not the start of an RP, but an honest request for help.

I wanna get involved in the RPing here on the Forums, being a big fan of both RPing and Fallen London, but… I have no idea where to start. A lot of events seem to currently be in motion, and I have no idea where I could possibly jump in and start… Well, doing stuff. I’m sorry if asking for help in this way is somewhat of a faux-pas, but I didn’t have any other ideas!

I would personally suggest going to the Inflammatory Salon thread to have your character introduced and to have a bit of light RP.
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Having your character go into the Inflammatory Salon and interact with the players there is a good start. If you make connections with other players, you can get sucked into their drama, at which point it will be very easy to fit your character into the more serious RPs.

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There is also the peaceful study. Not quite as popular but also a nice hang out.

Inflammatory salon is the obvious choice. Or do something rash like committing to a long journey across the zee with people you’ve never heard of. Like me!

There also a hunt that’s hopefully happening. I think you can jump into that still.

Or you could contact a person on the RP Characters Thread and do some RP using social actions first. It’s MUCH less rapid than the Salon (mostly due to the salon being an amalgam of IRC and Forum RP, with most phrases not elapsing a paragraph). Also allows you to avoid making your first fumbles public, which is a situational, but still useful boon.

Definitely feel free to contact people in the RP thread noted above.

There are lots of folks who enjoy RP, but don’t frequent the salon.

You can signal in a first approach that you enjoy RP by sending something intriguing. Don’t just send the action. Always include text that is interesting to read - that is a clear signal that you like to RP.

For example, if you use the send a calling card action, be sure to actually describe the card, and consider sending a personal note with it.

Also, take a minute and look up the character you would like to approach on the forum. Have they provided some description of themselves? (If they like to RP, it is very likely.) It should be easy to deduce something public about them that is a good basis for a first meeting. Look at their mantelpiece - it often signals where they have been recently (in the journal) or gives you a logical topic, in the items on the mantel.

But, most people who enjoy interaction will respond positively to any first approach that has some flavor in it. That can be as simple as walking up and introducing yourself in some public setting like the coffee shop, or park. If you are very new, you can do exactly what a new person would do in an unfamiliar city. Ask for directions. Introduce yourself, and explain that you are terribly new and don’t know anyone and could use a bit of help. Send a polite letter of introduction if that is the sort of thing your character would do.

Once you know at least one person, you can do it a bit more Victorian style and have that person introduce you to others.

The most promising thing is to simply have a sense of your own character in your head. Introduce yourself as that person would. A soldier will introduce themselves differently than a Lord, or a clergyman, etc. The more concept you have of your character, the easier it will be for another person to reply back and continue a conversation with you.

And, of course, take advantage of all the places in the forums to provide information about your character - backgrounds, portraits, descriptions, the area where people signal if they like chess or sparring etc. Others will search you, and figure out how to interact with you based on what information you’ve provided.
Some good ones:
Directory of folks who like to RP
Appearance description
Finding partners for chess, sparring, etc.

NOTE: That last one (finding partners) includes some folks who only want mechanical action exchangers, but you can easily specify that you are looking for the RP conversation, and just happy to spend the actions with it.
Anyone looking for a person who likes to do RP is most welcome to contact my character.
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All the advice already given is excellent. I would add this only: if you are feeling particularly bold, write the beginning of an RP thread and post it here!