Where to go now

I have just hit the current end of my ambition(which has been quite an undertaking so far, I assure you) and returned on my recently acquired ship. There are a pair of islands I can visit, but I don’t want to make the journey if they’re beyond my current abilities. My skills are as follows: Dangerous 117, Watchful 123, Persuasive 120, Shadowy 111, and about another five on each from the outfits I’ve gathered, on average. There are plenty of storylets I can pursue in the Bazaar sidestreets, but they are expensive and time consuming, and I don’t know if there are any I particularly care to go after at the moment. I am close to being able to embark on a scientific expedition, but at the moment are there any locations that are about appropriate for my skill level I should visit to take care of unvisited content?

Well, at the moment we don’t really know what you’ve done outside of your ambition. I will say, however, that a lot of the things pursuable in the bazaar sidestreets (getting an affiliation, home comfort, transport, constant companion, or club) will open up new doors for you down the line, and most of them at the very least unlock new cards that can be fairly lucrative.

For the Voyage of Exploration, most of the islands are in the 125-130 watchful range for a straightforward. Should be good to go, maybe hitting up Grunting Fen in the Sea of Voices at the same time.

might be an idea just to work on your gear too. Spend a little bit of time grinding and get the upper tier items.
edited by Endy on 7/22/2012