Where to find items? Currently looking for Beeswax

where is the best place to find items? (payoff per action) and what levels are required to get the ‘modest’ chance? Maybe if you can remember a few places that gave good payoff for lower levels we could make a chart of where to go to grind it if you need it.

Silk Scraps
Whispered secrets
proscribed materials
stolen correspondence
jade - (100+? persuasive - educating lyme in the mahogany hall, provides 100+ jade. Started with ‘providing a master class in etiquette’)
primordial shriek

Later levels of educating Lyme give glim
Ambush couriers for old time sake (unfinished business in Spite) for stolen correspondence
A lovely thought (unfinished business in Ladybones road) for beeswax
Coil 2 of the Labarynth of Tigers for Primordial Shrieks

Mmm… thanks. I had forgotten about the glim from Lyme. And It’s unfortunate I’m not ready for the unfinished buisness yet. Still working on the person of some importance.

You can also get shrieks at Ladybones Road if you Debate the Nature of Primordial Shrieks as a part of your Unfinished Business.

The second coil of the Labyrinth makes for a good way to cycle the acquisition of jade (The escaping leopard) whispered secrets (The Thing in the Mirror) and honey (The Tiger Keeper wanders over), or primordial shrieks (The arena: Abraham the lizard, The arena: the Inhabiter of Wolves and The arena: the beast on two legs)

/ooc I would use the wikis. You can do a search here for terms like “Jade Fragment sources” and get results that cover all skill levels. In general, repeatable storylines reward you resources as well if you aren’t to the level/desire of repeating Unfinished Business.


Once you are a Person of Some Importance, there’s ways to grind all of those through the Unfinished Business in… storylets. Of course, those aren’t always the best, but they’re easy. Glim you can get in Mahogany Hall by Educating Lyme. Silk Scraps you can actually get in bulk by breeding beasts at the Labyrinth of Tigers, you have to pick the right beasts and the right breeding though.