Where to find fine wines?

Hello, delicious friends!

First, thank you to those who helped with my problem regarding the Scientific quest-I completed it (as far as it can be, anyway), and your help was invaluable!

Now, my current question is this-where on Earth (or, under the Earth, as the case may be) can I locate a few bottles of Morelways 1872? I require some for a wager in a certain…floral…contest, but sadly, my shelves are bare of anything but the more common vintages. I’ve searched the Neath, but so far have come up dry. Can any of you fine gents or ladies point me in the right direction?

It mainly depends on what your Qualities are and how many bottles you need. I got eight from repeatedly getting the Rare success in one of the first Dangerous storylets, and I sometimes draw the “A presumptuous Little Opportunity” Opportunity cards, that has various wine offers - one allows to trade 1000 Greyfields 1882 for 200 Morelways 1872. Anyway you can have a preliminary look here: http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Morelways_1872_Sources
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Ah, that link is very helpful! I tend to avoid the wikis, for fear that I’ll spoil some of the story (nothing is worse than spoilers, lol). I do remember seeing the Presumptuous Opportunity cards, but not since I’ve actually needed them. Perhaps one will pop up soon. :\

If one has access to the Second Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers, there’s an action named “The tigress is back” which provides ample quantities of Morelways.

Thank you all for your kind help! I have managed to obtain a fair quantity of the desired vintage. :D

Now, to switch tracks, I have a bit of a problem. I was following through the Teaching a Rubbery Student storylet (or whatever it’s called-it’s the new Mahogany Hall content), and right as I completed the final step, my browser decided it wanted a bit of a vacation. :c While I succeeded at the challenge, I didn’t get to read the text, or see the reward! If someone could perhaps send me a message with the text/info I missed, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you very, very much good sir! That was a great help indeed.

I have to say, I quite enjoyed that little story, now that I know the ending! I do hope I’ll see my pupil again soon.