Where Shall The Dilmun Club Sail? North?

For anyone who’s been out to zee lately, you’ll notice that the option to go NORTH mentions that the Dilmun Club has a specific interest in the Avid Horizon where Seekers embark to journey as far north as possible. However, to go NORTH requires 1x Embarked on an Expedition to the North and is locked with 1x The Seven-Fold Knocks. Does that mean that there’ll never be a Dilmun Club expedition to the NORTH for normal players? I know that they’re currently obsessed with going South, which could possibly lead to the A Blaze of Distant Light future should that ever occur in-game, but I’d really like to see how far the Dilmun Club will sail in their quest for cartography.

So, does anyone wonder if there’ll ever be content related to the Dilmun Club exploring the zee? Towards North where space falls to a single point? Past the Eastern pillars to sing the song of Salt? Among the Presbyrate ranks to seek the golden mountain? Through the Western sunlights to see what lies past the Dawn? Where exactly will our club of map nerds lead us in the future?

I’d say East is probably the one they’ll choose to add. I can’t see them going north as that’s now covered by SMEN. South is also sort of covered by Flint and FB probably wouldn’t want to go somewhere already covered by a fate-locked story. I don’t really know much about the west and the dawn so I can’t really comment on that. But if my memory of zee is correct I recall that the pillars were already a route, although marked impossible. Therefore I’d make that my best guess.

Let’s assume that if the game continues on indefinitely that eventually the dilmun club will go in all directions. Even sponsoring an expedition to the pre Monarchy ruins of the ancient Devil civilizations in the West.

It seems weird to mention that the Dilmun Club might travel north without it being at all relevant. Why bring them up at all if they’ll never visit Avid Horizon?

The Dilmun Club will certainly go NORTH eventually; they’re all about exploring weird places after all. It’s more of a question of whether the player would accompany them on said expedition.

To quote some of Alexis’s commentary on Flint:

&quot…a lot of the content (Apis Meet, Caution, the Bleeding Forest) could later be repurposed and adapted to other Elder Continent content, including the Dilmun Club and Eaten.&quot

I was under the impression that they would be heading south, to the Elder Continent and the Presbyter, to find the Mountain of Light. Isn’t that what “Seekers of the Garden” means?

Yeah, the Mountain and the Garden seem to be priority project no. 1, but I imagine they’ll want to explore everywhere they can sooner or later. It’s what they do!

Although they’re really big on seeking out the Garden and the Mountain of Light, that’s not all that they are. As spacemarine9 puts it, they’re what they call &quotmap nerds&quot. In other words, they’re really big on cartography, mapping out unknown and ever-changing lands, and exploring the bizarre territories of the Neath in each cardinal direction. They’re just currently really, REALLY, big on heading South to see Stone, the Presbyter, and all the other wacky stuff that’s occurring down there.
edited by Sir Joseph Marlen on 7/11/2016

Well, they WERE planning to go south, but then The Hiatus ended and they all went SMENing.