Where is the Sunless Skies Alpha?

There are no news articles about it on the Failbetter website, reddit, steam, or twitter, and it’s June 5th. Am I missing something? I didn’t expect I would get a key, but I did expect it to be posted by the Failbetter crew. Has anyone gotten a key, or found anything about it?

Early closed alpha tests are not the sort of thing you announce. They need the players for bug testing a very bare-bones structure that won’t feel much like the final game. Since it is extremely unfinished and anything could change in fundamental ways, the curtains are drawn to the broader public.

[quote=&quotThe signup form&quot]We’ll want you to commit to utmost secrecy - please don’t share screenshots or anything else online.

Also we expect to be inundated with requests, so please note that being on the list isn’t a guarantee towards getting into the alpha, though we hope to invite as many people as we can.

We will be inviting people to join the alpha in batches, so watch out for an email from us![/quote]