Where do i read the introduction to fallen london?

There appears to be no introduction/backstory anywhere. Can someone please tellm e why there are devils in London etc??

There’s no official guide to the setting at this point - one learns by playing and exploring. (I have been working on an unofficial introduction to the Fallen London universe, but I admit it’s fallen by the wayside in favour of my day job. Really must get back on that.)

Long story short: this is a setting where all sorts of myths, legends and horror stories are true, at least in the broad strokes. The Neath is not only a giant cave, but also a place where the laws of nature do not apply so strongly as on the Surface. It is thus a place where fantastical creatures roam free, scheming their ancient schemes. Figuring out why, exactly, the Masters of the Bazaar have brought London down here is, well, a large part of the ongoing plot.

I’d be so interested in that unofficial introduction, if you ever finish it! It’s been so long since I’ve played so many stories and I seem to forget so much. I like reading the forums occasionally but I frankly have just forgotten too much for a lot to settle into my brain properly. I love the aspect of discovering by playing, of course, but having a concise refresher would be fantastic.

Well, I’ve decided no time like the present and all that, and started getting my notes together in the form of A Visitor’s Guide to Fallen London. Only one post so far, and no doubt I’ll be editing that, but it’s more use online than sitting as notes on my hard drive!