Where are the nobility of hell?

If they’re all in the Brimstone Convention, why do Reported Locations count as much as they do? Doesn’t Hell know they’re on the island?

And if they’re in other places, what’s actually at the Convention? a partially staffed meeting place? a trap? a palace for one of the senior nobles and his retinue?

They’re mostly in the Brimstone Convention, but there are others elsewhere. So far we know of one imprisoned on Corpsecage Island, and another locked up on the way to Hell.

…we know about one imprisoned on Corpsecage island?
What did I miss?

There were quite a few of the Princes of Hell, some probably escaped to exotic locations. So the Location of one is endlessly valuable to some Devils.

[quote=Jolanda Swan]…we know about one imprisoned on Corpsecage island?
What did I miss?[/quote]

You pay it a visit in Heart’s Desire.

I have played Heart’s Desire but of course it was so early on, that I remember nothing save Tristan. I will pay more attention when I am there next time. It is fitting then that the Chruch Renown item was there. Great text, though I do not recall any hellish connotations.

You know, I’ve always wondered… given what the Devils… are… deep down… shouldn’t they have Queens, not princes?

They have both. The 12:15 from Moloch Street briefly features a princess.

So wait in a vaguely Christian-focused sense, they don’t have the equal of Satan/the Devil? There’s no Lucifer dude?

Unless you count the Heroes of the Revolution like Virginia (forgot their actual titles) I don’t think so.
But Technically Satan was/is according to Christianity the Hellish Prince of Wrath (And lucifer is the prince of Pride) source

Many are at Mount Palmerston, but as others have said there are some scattered throughout the Neath. 1 on Corpsecage, 2 in Hell’s hinterlands, and I imagine more elsewhere.

A monarchy implies a monarch, so I imagine they did have a king and/or queen, or some mix of them. I imagine they either didn’t survive the revolution, or are kept in Hell proper, their defeat/imprisonment being what caused the aristocracy to flee.
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The current Exceptional Story features the FL version of Lucifer. But it has a pretty interesting twist on his character archtype.

Perhaps throw that in some spoiler tags, friend. The climax of For All Those Saints Who From Their Labors Rest is meant to be a surprise, after all.

But on that subject, the current Exceptional Story provides the clearest picture we have, in both the literal and figurative senses, of Hell’s former rulers.
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