When do I get to use someone is coming?

I’ve been playing for several months but my something is coming trait keeps increasing and increasing and someone doesn’t actually come. I haven’t yet gotten an opportunity card that uses it, and it is already 17. Does it need to be higher? Thanks!

Once your quality hits 4, you should see a card called “Someone is Coming” wit a picture of a red mask. You’ll need SiC 6 to use any of the choices, but nothing higher since it resets once you’ve used it. Just keep flipping cards. It’ll show up eventually.

Actually, thankfully, that’s not the case. It’s a set change-point reduction. I’ve had Someone is Coming in the low tens and had it just drop a few levels.

But Ragebox Alice is right, it’s an opportunity card with a red rose mask, you have to be in London to get it, but most anywhere in London you can receive it.

I’ve personally noted from my very small cynical experience, that it tends to pop up just around 5-6 (Someone is coming quality) and is very aggravatingly slow at popping up anytime higher (or anytime you want it for that matter). It’s an uncommon card, just keep at it and be on the look out, you’re obviously going through your opportunity cards to get such a high quality just try for a few more days actively looking out for it, and if doesn’t appear you may send in a bug request to failbetter games (email ebuggs@failbettergames.com[color=#222222] with a description of what’s wrong) and it may be something mechanicaly wrong with the game.
Although I suspect just bad bad luck.

My Someone is Coming is currently 21, and it has gotten close to 30 while I’ve awaited the card. It is just a waiting game. As armadaos said, it doesn’t reset to 0, just lowers your Someone is Coming when it is used.

The card (for me) rarely comes up.

Ah, I hadn’t realized. Mine usually shows up when I hit 5, so I have to wait until I can get it up to 6 before using it.

On a related note, what’s the best item to choose once you can use the card? I can choose anything except the souls and contracts since I haven’t sold mine yet. I’ve been getting Mourning Candles. But is there another, more profitable choice?

You get 5 echos worth of shrieks or 12 echos worth of visions of the surface (POSI required). I don’t know what you get if you choose the lost your soul option. The others are fate locked options, I think.
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Interesting. You get 10 echoes worth of mourning candles, but from now on I think I’ll choose the visions.

The fate locked options all give the same amount. It’s less than for PoSI (After all, you can unlock these from day 1), but give quite a bit more than just getting shrieks.

While not a fate-locked option per se, the option requiring you to have sold your soul offers the most potential profit, but only to those involved in the soul trade (which does require fate). Otherwise, yeah, stick with the Visions option if it’s available to you.
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