What's Your Worst Misclick?

Earlier today I clicked back to my Fallen London browser window, and somehow thereby clicked in the wrong place on ‘The Demi-Monde: Bohemians’ and managed to hit the ‘A New Leaf’ option, erasing my &quotClosest to: Bohemians&quot and taking somewhere around 65 Bohemian Connection points with it.

Damn it. Or, as my wife would say, &quotOh well.&quot

I suppose everybody must have one of these little stories, right?

Well this isn’t as bad, but it happened multiple times. At zee, I got the Leviathan of the Deep card and accidentally clicked on the option to try to kill it (with only 87 dangerous), I’ve failed each time.

Accidentally discarded a presumptous oppurtunity, but that’s minor in comparison to yours; it’s still irksome, though.

I recently threw away 5 docks favors by clicking the dangerous training option instead of the buy a round option.

When I first was playing the game I accidentally spent some of my free fate on a deck refill. The popup when you click an empty deck normally just has the “okay” button to make the message go away, but if you’ve enough fate you can directly buy a deck refresh with it, and I wasn’t paying attention :(

I will start the choir of those who have misclicked to sell my plant.

I’ve accidentally discarded two out of five Unsigned Messages so far.
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Mine was relatively minor, all things considered. Accidentally kicked out the Amanuensis, dropping my Notability to 5 instead of grabbing the last few Making Waves CP I required for Notability 8.

Mine is similar, but better. It’s actually two misclicks in quick succession. Serves me right for playing at work.

I’ve recently become PoSI, so I need an ungodly amount of Strong Backed Labor. I opted for milking the Acacia and The Butterfly card. I misclicked and chose the Docks option instead of negotiating and lost 30 Connected: Widow. The very next card I drew was the Docks connected card. Instead of buying another favour, I misclicked and spent the ones I had.

I accidentally started seeking. There’s nothing left to do but burn away my character now.

Only if you wish it to be so. You can always opt out through the Bad End storylet (if your SMEN quality is 3 or above) or through the Alphabet of Scars or Banner cards if your SMEN is less. My main character has been Betrayed into Seeking 5 or 6 times now and has Freed herself of the Name each time.

That includes me! My alt sold her plant via an accidental misclick. She’s now back at plant quality 13 or so–it takes a long time to get past that level in raising a plant. :-(

My Abs is being haunted by dreams which again and again end with them being peckish and yearning for terrible and dark knowledge best left unsought.

So far I have resisted the call each time and Abs has turned away again and again.

But each time wounds them more, and Salt calls.

If we are on the subject of misclicks, there’s some pretty epic stories in the old misclick thread. For example: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic22339-worst-luck-andor-misclicks-youve-had.aspx?Page=1#post147470

A mood card. Also lost some fate on replenishing cards in deck which should have at least some foolproof measure. On the other hand, why create this thread if there’s an alive and running ‘most painful failures’ or something thread

In the early days of new Seeking, my alt which has since gone north went to drown it’s secrets and blackened it’s mind instead turning 200 watchful into 100 watchful. There have also been a number of incidents of going to Zee forgetting about a large chunk of banked Casing.

Desecrating the hidden Shrine to St. Joshua…
I stood frozen for about a minute.

Because one is &quotI got unlucky, this terrible terrible thing happened&quot and the other is &quotlet’s share our most entertaining and tragic misclick stories!&quot

That one time when I misclicked and sold my maxxed up Plant.Yeah, that blew…steam.

I still haven’t restored Fluffy to it’s former monstrous glory.

I accidentally discarded my “Skin of the Bazaar” card. I had been waiting two months for that card.

I just got it again today (after waiting for the card for one month) and I could finally do the tell the bazaar a story option.

I deliberately clicked to get rid of the plant. At around level 16. I did not realise it would keep coming back…

Eventually bit the bullet and finished levelling the thing.