What's your Closest To faction? [POLL]

Self-explanatory, I think ;)

If you have multiple characters, vote for your main one!

The &quotNobody&quot option is for characters that haven’t yet reached the stage where they can choose a faction, can’t decide, or simply prefer to be left alone…
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Three alts: Society (main, my vote), urchins (probably my preferred), and bohemian (strategic).

There will probably be a bias in favour of those factions which allow grinding ‘counting the days’ without the need for opportunity cards, but it’ll be interesting to see how much.

I suspect no one will be surprised to discover my Abs is closest to the Docks. (some day I’ll even stop grinding Docks renown and start doing expeditions again! But not today…)

I boast a boring Closest To: the Great Game thanks to the Nadir. (They’re nice, but probably half the veteran playerbase has those guys thanks to the big N) Before that (rather profitable) discovery, I would boast of having a Closest To: Hell, but alas.
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I was happy with the Gret Game reward for the Nadir, to be sure. But I’d already chosen them as my closest to before then

Main: Urchins.
Siobhan: Criminals.
Isidore: Hell.

…we’re all shady here!

My main used to be closest to the Urchins, but I didn’t see enough player advantage in that. The Docks allow her to be close to disadvantaged people who still have some clout.

My alt is Closest to Bohemians.

Rupho: Great Game (voted)
Deepdelver: Revolutionaries
Cortez: Criminals

Interesting poll though I have to wonder if there’s any benefit to being Connected to the Church. The Great Game also seems like the one connection that has the most benefits second to Bohemians and the Docks.

Strangely enough, Flesh-Stick is closest to Society, despite their almost certainly mutual dislike for one another. He couldn’t really help it. He saw the Prim Baronet needed help and started thinking with his namesake :P

I used to be Closest to Society, but now I’m deliberately closest to Nobody.

Bohemians. Hedonism woo!

Revolutionaries, of course.

Ugh, I clicked on the wrong one. I blame it on the cold medicine.

Main: Revolutionaries (always meant to change this, but am now waiting until connections are revamped)
Edith: Society (probably will change to Bohemians eventually)
Jack: Urchins (may eventually change to Docks or Criminals)

My main, and only, character is closest to Criminals: that might change in the future, though, as I’m not yet sure if anything noteworthy is going to happen to him, resulting in a change.

I was initially Closest To the Constables, but after the Nadir I chose the Revolutionaries for that sweet vial of Master’s Blood (fortunately, the change made sense in-character).

The Professor is closest to Church. She is not a religious zealot or anything, but, out of all the factions, they are the guardians of the ideal she has in her heart (even if the church officers often corrupt this ideal for their own ends).

Derek is closest to urchins because he was one (and, in many aspects, still is) and trust them more than other groups.

Happily, I’m Closest To Hell, which is an interesting (and socially profitable) choice for a Shepherd of Souls. I like to think of it as keeping the echoes in circulation.

I’m closest to the Constables, mostly because at that point, all I had seen of them in the stories were mostly akin to police and the Last Constable and in a town like London, I’m sure the police could be helpful. Only later did I learn about the proliferation of Specials and the Velocipede Squad. Even still though there’s something to be said about their do-gooder foot soliders who are actually trying to stop the rampant army of muggers and spirifiers who prey on the rampant army of drunks and people in the same hospital in Ladybones. If I was willing to change I might go with the Church or the Urchins since in rp I’d probably side with the most do-good-iest faction and I’ve got a thing for the Urchins despite them being larcenous and wantonly destructive.[li]

I’m surprised Revolutionaries isn’t higher- I was expecting them and Great Game to overwhelm the other options because of the automatic shift from the Nadir (since those two have the highest monetary reward for giving the location to them). I’m Great Game because it’s just too expensive to switch after selling them the Cave and because there’s so little benefit to being close to anyone in particular. If it ever mattered I’d switch to the Bohemians, I think.