Whats the point of Dreams?

So, I’ve been plagued by this &quotnightly guests&quot for quite some time now, and only seen the What the Thunder Said lead to anything. Is there any point in pursuing other dreams?
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They’re mostly just for lore and extra story. After going to The Mind of a Long-Dead God once you reach What the Thunder Said 15 and Stormy-Eyed 19, it’s pretty much a feast of skill boosts (Shadowy and Dangerous if memory serves correct) and too many Aeolian Screams for you to count. You can also use A Game of Chess and Death by Water with Dr. Schlomo if you have an Extraordinary Implication to gain a few valuable items or reduce menaces. Also, just about every Dream quality can be used to get valuables in the Cave of the Nadir. Keep in mind, though, that I don’t know the echoes per action that you’ll get out of doing those. If you’re after unique items or a good cash-grind, dreams aren’t really the place. Overall, they’re mainly for neat lore text and a cool quality to show how much you know about Dreams and their meaning behind them in the story. Make of that what you will, Delicious Friend.

That’s pretty much as I’ve figured. Thanks

I’m glad someone asked this question (and someone answered it) because I was wondering the same thing myself. All the dream cards ever seemed to do was send my nightmare quality through the roof. It’s good to know there are benefits if you stick it out. Thanks!

I personally adore the Dream content. Along with the Destinies, it is some of my very favorite writing in the game. Those of you who seem less enamoured with it might want to keep in mind that any Dream card that is not discardable will be harmful! These card have a red border and will auto-fire as soon as they are clicked. You can play them once or twice just to see the content, but after that they should be left to linger in your hand until they disappear of their own accord once your menaces are brought to within normal range.
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It’s not that i disliked them (you’re right in that the writing is very atmospheric), I just wasn’t sure if they did anything, besides send my character screaming off the deep end. But I never knew that there were two different kinds of dream cards. I knew some let you make a choice about what to do and some didn’t, but I never paid attention to the borders. That’s helpful info to have. Thanks!

Not much. It’s 1 direful reflection (12.5 echo) for 10 cp of a dream quality, at the opportunity cost of not playing a better nadir card.
This is bad if you are getting dreams cp by cp from normal cards. It’s better if you are getting them either from red cards, cards that give two dreams at once, or cards that give 2 cp for 1 action (this last option, guassuming opportunity cost of an action at 2 echo because nadir, means that playing such card is worth about (12.5-2)/5=2.1 echo);