What's the angle? - Mr Sacks

I’m going to pay fate to work with a faction this sackmass, but I would like help picking a side.

I’m leaning towards the Urchins (because I think they’re cool). But I’m worried I won’t get cool lore or a good reward. I’m also worried that this option costs less fate.

Does the higher cost Duchess or Widow option give better lore or rewards?

For the rewards see here I was a candle

If I remember correctly you get different lore depending on which faction you choose.

Okay. Thank you for the link

The University gives interesting information about the nature of things, the Widow is more if you want to mess with the Masters. However, the more expensive options also provide a unique opportunity through Penstock’s Wicket. Little bit of story in there. Do not regret buying storylines and I plan to buy 2 more this year.

Oddly, I don’t think I qualified for the one I would have joined, had I known the rewards.

Though I am quite content with the university as a side to pick.

I aided the Duchess before which was quite interesting and rewarding.

Not working for anyone but myself this year. Though I must admit to a certain curiousity about the University option. If anyone happens to echo the outcome of that to their journal I’d appreciate the chance to see the text from it.

I won’t ask what the Wicket-related reward was, but can you tell me, is it a reward worth having if you already have all the lodgings? (Yes, I have, as far as I know, all the lodgings, even the five-card ones. I used my “snow” very skillfully last year, and I have a very detailed understanding of the Notability system.)

The Fate locked alignments give a 312 echo item, so I would say it’s worth it. In one case it doubles as a +12 Dangerous weapon.

NinjaComedian, I’ve PMed you.

Having just seen the text of…

I mean if the cats can do THAT…
if they die that easily…

I wouldn’t worry about the safety of the Masters based on what you saw the cats do.

For a start, it’s almost certain you weren’t dealing with an Original. I don’t think any of the Mr. Sacks are Originals. I’d guess a real Master is far more difficult to hurt.

Yes, I noticed the bit about “original” today… normans, well, no, a norman is made from a mostly human… whatever we are-ish, on the lowest level of the chain…

Wow, still, what a rush.

Course, now I am wondering if any of the dealings with the masters are with the real thing, surely they have access to enough suplies to keep a copy around forever.

So I have a question: Which Master came today (Asking for your opinion on the Bazaar), and which one asks for the Wild Words in the future? I believe that they are Mr. Apples/Hearts, and the other is Mr. Veilsbut I’m not sure which one is which.
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Fires is the one who came today. Veils is the one who asks for Wild Words.

Gotcha, thanks. Does Hearts come around?

There’s no hard evidence, but I believe the last one is Apples/Hearts

Ah, gotcha. I had assumed that was the real Mr. Sacks attempting to come around, but this makes sense. So what’s the hard evidence for Veils and Fires?

Fires has red eyes, and doesn’t want the Bazaar to leave London. Veils is less solid, but his reward of fabrics seems like it’s pointing in that direction.

Alrighty, many thanks!

I’ve forgotten how disappointed the 11th Mr Sacks is with those of higher professions. I’m tempted to drop my profession to get that extra point of Connected: The Masters, then grind back up to Midnighter.