What's new this summer?

What are all the most celebrated personages wearing this season in the Neath?[li]
Why it’s these strapping new Kingscale Boots!

These smooth, scaled round toe ankle boots are what all the most devious and deadly courtiers are wearing in the Palace these days. Such intricate finery surely decimated the fingers of London’s tiniest LB cobblers!

And just in time for all those fabulous, outdoor summer parties, it’s these fresh Legunals!

These lovely pastels will delight all party goers as they taste and comment on the hors d’oeuvres. These loquacious legunals are perfect for debut of the shy young girl who might rather be seen than heard, but lets her hands do her talking.
The salivation is sure to keep one cool in the glaring heat of a London summer.

But are the head’s of Londoner’s to be laid bare this season. Surely not with these new milliner’s delights
For the odder of the fifth City there is the symbol of royalty made from the lowliest of it’s citizens

Be weary in this Fecund Amber Tiara, less you be mistaken for Royal Princess and swept off to the Shuttered Palace. It’s loveliness is seconded only by it’s silence and gaunt emaciation; something few of the Neath’s finest hat’s could claim before now.

For those who are less permissible in the Palace, but always welcome in the brimstone there a hat for the devilishly handsome

Since it’s Fallen London debut to yellow eyed applause, Miss Sarah Bernhardt’s infamous hat from the play of the same name has captivated the beautiful and the damned alike. From far across the blazing oceans, it is sure to be your soul’s desire. Presuming you still have yours!

Yay! :)

I just got the shoes, and I must say a fine investment.
edited by Owen Wulf on 5/17/2013

I’m very pleased with the new Dreaded and Bizarre options. Though now I have to decide whether I want them now or if I should wait until after getting an Overgoat.

[quote=Nigel Overstreet]What are all the most celebrated personages wearing this season in the Neath?[li]
I had not even noticed these new options before now! Thank you, sir, for drawing them to my attention; I have made several purchases.


I love the lenguals, and the boots. Still, they seem…not very stealthy. I mean, yeah, I don’t need my character to have an invisibility cloak, but pink talking gloves seem as though they would lend themselves more to a talker rather than a thief or a spy. That said, the boots are fascinating. What King were the scales torn from?

It should also be noted that the long-desired Dangerous set of clothing is now a reality, and it’s quite impressive.

And, while the Midnight Matriarch does nothing to help my stats, she must be mine.

Ditto the Midnight Matriarch. I just hope she doesn’t make enemies of my rats. I would hate to see her leave.

Ahhhhhh :)

I am soo happy! Dangerous Khanate Armor!

And some interesting new &quothats&quot, check them out! Snuffers Mask!
edited by Owen Wulf on 6/1/2013

don’t forget the magic face cream!

don’t joke about magic face cream

I wonder if we’re going to be seeing a new weapon or two. In any case, the suit of armour is awesome. Magic face cream is pretty neat too. :)

Hm, kinda disappointed that the two new hats of today are basically less-impressive versions of the Monocle. Still, the Dangerous armor finally lets me get rid of this stupid girdle, so that’s very much appreciated.

The new hats may not be as good for the main four qualities, but they’re actually more impressive than the monocle–they make a bigger impression. They raise Dreaded, which the Monocle does not.

Since I don’t think there’s been Dreaded headgear before this, that means an increase in the maximum achievable Dreaded, but not in the maximum achievable Watchful.

There was some fate-locked Dreaded headgear released during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, one of which gives +2 Dreaded. Still, that was then and this is both free and permanent.

You’re forgetting the Fedora, which is not only the best persuasive hat but also raises dreaded. A much better investment.

the tiara is: not a fedora, gives the same stat boost as a fedora and raises bizarre instead of dreaded, which is probably better

i have standards, i refuse to buy a fedora

and I refuse to NOT buy a Fedora

Parabola suits =) This is got to be watchful clothing, right?


I can wear it with my para-bola tie!

ohhhhhhhgosh that hurts. I congratulate you on a correspondence level pun. The blood that runs from my ears is for you.