What's it like to be Jack?

I’m worried becoming Jack will ruin my good reputation (i.e. will have irreparable consequences), but it sounds like a cool story that offers a welcome change of pace. All undertakings now require so much grinding in preparation, that any story offering anything different sounds appealing. Did anyone do it? Was it good? How bad are the consequences?[li]

Reputations are overrated. Unless it’s a reputation for violence.
I recall enjoying it.

No consequences to speak of that i remember. It does involve A LOT of random card drawing. 6-7 unique storylets/cards. Strangely enough you dont get “A bringer of permanent death” for doing it.

Very creepy, very cool. Enjoyed it greatly.

The consequences are mainly that you get a bit more interesting flavor. And possibly a sense of guilt. ;-)

I did not find it all that creepy or disturbing. But then again, compared to some murder scenes in, say, Umineko, Jack is a very mild killer. And Black Crown is where the really disturbing things happen in Story Nexus. It’s interesting to have a look from Jack’s point of view, but it also blocks you from doing a part of the investigation in a normal way.