What would your bespoke story be?

Few of us, I imagine, can afford the bespoke stories offered at the top end of the Silver Tree Kickstarter rewards. But I can’t be the only one fantasizing about the story I’d want if I had a spare $1200, so I thought I’d start a thread for us to share our dream stories for our characters, and enjoy our collective creativity. Here’s mine:

A backstage romance at Mahogany Hall! In which I pursue…a less than respectable actor? A celebrated, but scandalously divorced singer? The black sheep of a noble family, now a director of risque comedies? Featuring: Dressing room intrigues! Last minute casting changes! Assignations in costume! Tabloid rumors! And ideally, the return of the Kashmiri Princesses as my accomplices in the pursuit of love.

My story would be about why I came to London in the first place. It would be a story of pain suffering and retribution. There would be lost loves and sworn enemies and devils abound. I feel as if it might very well be Failbetter games masterpiece. For what price would a man pay for love…

I, too, would pay to see the return of the Kashmiri Princesses – if I had the money to pay.

It’s a touch embarrassing now, but I started writing a storylet for my Fallen London persona. Become Better Acquainted with the Bespectacled Folklorist: http://theodor-gylden.dreamwidth.org/11160.html. I’d like to see a romance based on the pleasure of shared scholarship, steeped in Neathlore, where the two of you go on to crack the secrets of Parabola … and perhaps someone gets lost Behind the Mirror, and a choice has to be made.

Oh dear, if I had the means, the story I would love to have told. A tale of the Iron Republic, of the changes it brings to the ones foolish or brave or just plain curious enough to enter. Of crazed dreams, of the burning that stays with your very soul as you leave that horrid place, with nothing but a journal and memories seared into you to show for it. And of what it drives a man to do, to change faster than the world, to be a citizen of the Sixth City before it is even paid for, to become the fashions of tomorrow. To try and outpace that never ending change the Iron Republic forced you to become.

I…really have no idea. I’m not terribly imaginative. Exploring Parabola, perhaps. Or learning more about the Correspondence. Though I think both of those will be revealed in the main story anyway…

Edit: Oh wait, perhaps something political, like becoming a member of Parliament or something. Finding out about London’s state of government post-takeover by the Masters would be interesting. Though, again, I suspect we’ll find out about that in due time anyway.
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I think that had I the funds, I would like a flashback story to my characters time on the surface. I took the nemesis ambition upon my arrival, and would very much like to know what my character was like before the event that defined his life henceforth happened. Perhaps even A chance to see exactly the circumstances i discovered the murder in.

As my character is aligned with the faction The Great Game, and I can never get enough of stories about spies and intrigues, I think I would’ve liked either
a) a mission of espionage to the Surface (maybe looking for likely Sixth-City-candidates for Mr Stones, or spoiling Stones’ plans for Mr Fires) or
b) a commission from a Surface power to be carried out in the Neath (in connection with a scandalous romance with a certain Revolutionary Firebrand or a certain Affluent Photographer)

I’d have a boxing match with a Master.
you can’t tell me it’s not what you want deep down c’mon

I think, If I had gone for that instead of immortality, I’d want a story that explores how the masters came into being. Perhaps even tinged with some psychological horror and paranoia, since they are some of my most favorite things to find in a story.

Or perhaps what would have happened if the Spider Council really DID host a debutante’s ball. Either one, really.

I’d want the story of why the Master’s left the Fourth City. The hints we’ve had are, intriguing, to say the least. Or the process of choosing London for the Fifth City. Something about the inbetween times.

A story in which I get to murder the Celebrated Artist’s Model, the Master Jewel-Thief, burn down that “merry pub” from the card “A Night Out”, permanently wash off the “Stinging Graffiti”, exterminate all capering maniacs from “An unusual wager” and plump soul-buying devils from “What Profit?”, demonlish all cheese shops in London, and…


I’d like to know what happens when one takes acid to one of the outer spires of the Bazaar, to try and remove some of those sigils. Its skin is not lightly marked, but can it be hurt?

… of course, that’s likely just about the most foolhardy thing one can do without involving a well, so I’d likely ask for something much more boring instead. Perhaps investigate the CVR’s methods a little more closely, I dunno.
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