What whould be your character's "Title"?

Sorry if there’s alredy a thread like this.[li]

For some reason people dont like using names in the neath.
People seem more often to be named for their work,accomplishments or quirks.
The soft-hearted widow, the merry gentleman, The dreaming scholar and etc!
It’s quite rare to see someone ingame with an actual name.

But its even rarer to see a player character without a name!
So since im bored and this concept amused me:
What whould your character’s &quotTitle&quot be?
Title may not be the best word for it but im not sure what else to use.

As for myself it whould probably be &quotThe reckless scholar&quot or something. Anything that fits nemesis ambition quite well, involves dangerous+watchful and the word scholar.

Hmm. Well, giving that I’m playing as Alex Mercer… possibly the Hooded Outlaw or the Ravenous Hunter. Neither fit him very well, but it’s a little difficult to put him in those sorts of terms. If we’re going to go a little more titular, the Hooded Scourge. The Thief of Faces, if he wasn’t keeping his real nature secret. Dana would probably be the Seditious Reporter or the Incendiary Reporter.

Nicolas Cage would be the Dramatic Mercenary.
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Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook, the Libertarian Esotericist - this title comes from my Celebrated Backer reward for the Silver Tree Kickstarter! It’s based on my own strong left-liberal beliefs and my longrunning interest in oddities.

Reginald, Lord Hubris, the thirteenth Baron of Hubris Hall, infamously known as the Bloody Baron, and very bloody he is too - bloody-minded, bloody-tempered, bloody-handed. He’s a villain who might have walked out of a Holmes story, all ferocity and calculating intellect. And a collection of exotic beasts.

Juniper Brown, the Ill-Fated Orphan. Another character with strong pop-culture influences, this time Scorsese’s Hugo - an child with a gift for tinkering, left without a family after a string of tragedies. Like Hugo, Juniper has been making her way up in the world through exploring the arts of horology, toymaking and stage-illusions - though in the Neath, those are trades with rather more sinister associations.

Esther Ellis-Hall, the Fashionable Fabian. Very much inspired by the introduction of the Campaigner profession, and the idea of the line between a champagne socialist and a militant revolutionary being rather blurred in the Neath. I suppose there’s a little of Sayers’ Soviet Club in there, but not much.

[quote=Laluzi]Hmm. Well, giving that I’m playing as Alex Mercer… possibly The Hooded Scourge. The Thief of Faces, if he wasn’t keeping his real nature secret. Dana would probably be The Seditious Reporter or the Incendiary Reporter.

Nicolas Cage would be The Dramatic Mercenary.[/quote]
You have a londoner named Nicolas Cage?[li]

Applauds non sarcasticly * No really. Not even being snarky. that is amazing *

Yep. I made him take Nemesis solely because there were bees involved.

For the most part, he’s Dangerous and Ruthless, with Shadowy as a dump stat. Any option that involves incoherent screaming and sudden or violent bouts of rage is automatically taken. It may be a flanderization, but I couldn’t resist.

Why, Daniel Redwood would be the Masked Gentleman of course!

Something fun about my character is that I almost always try to pick the &quotgood&quot paths (the C.V.R., the Consumptive Cryptozoologist) while also being an agent of the Masters. It’s interesting to have a magnanimous of 40 and Connected: The Master’s of the Bazaar 17 when most descriptions of the Bazaar’s agents are horrid amoral monsters (who are sometimes literal monsters). The Benevolent Bazaarine perhaps? [li]

I would also like to say the character titles are one of my favorite things about this game. In two words Failbetter can describe a character that many games would have to spend a paragraph telling us about them. I’m very bad with names so I’m glad instead of Jane or Robert I can just remember the Anemic Baker or One Armed Cat Catcher.
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Owen Wulf would be the Taciturn Huntsman, striking and speaking only when necessary.

Lanzo Hoffman would be the Sybarite Scholar, seeking knowledge and pleasure equally.

Lukas Uller would be the Tenebrous Malefactor, motives unknown until it is too late.

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Im trying to think of one for my Alt character, Natalia Baronova.
Probably " The bright-eyed spy. " Or " The bright-eyed marveller. "

Mine? Just call her “the Depressed Solicitor”.

I wouldn’t have said Lady Red had one… UNTIL NOW. I can reveal her as: The Dramatic Mercenary’s Biggest Fan :D

Please note, Nic, that she is ready and available for all dinner invitations, and can guarantee a high bunny to bee ratio.

[quote=] You’ve just enjoyed a Private Supper with Nicolas Cage12330 (Nicolas Cage in Fallen London). How lucky they are!

May I say: life holds no further ambitions for me now.

I imagine it was quite the experience. :P

Truly glorious. Much like the great man’s acting, may I say.

Given my history of community involvements on this forum, I imagine I would probably be the Magnamious Scholar. Though, I have hung that torch up as of late… perhaps I’ll pick it up again once I get more on my feet.

Well, if I played off of my username, it would be something like “The Player of Various Games”.

She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Oh no, wait. That’s MY title. I’ll have a think about my FL self’s one.

The Sanguine Littérateur.

And yes, the ambiguity of meaning is deliberate. Although Wine-Soaked Poetess works just as well.

I’d say “The Radical Scientist” since that’s what I am in real life and my FL character is me, but there aren’t actually a whole lot of opportunities for science in FL so I haven’t expressed that side of myself much. The Ever-Inquisitive Scholar? The Charitable Correspondent? I’m not entirely sure.

Hmm, the dreaming scholar would actually fit Locrian nicely if it weren’t taken. The Disarming Radical, perhaps.

My character and my alt are the Bespectacled Folklorist and the Italian Epicene respectively.