What was your shocking Opera?

This is mostly for those who have left the court for reasons of getting the hell away from all the knives.

I have recently decided to write the most scandalous opera imaginable. I wish to hear what yours was about.

Me, I am writing a epic that will make enemies of everyone:

I portray The Traitor Empress as a dimwitted soft hearted fool who sold a city for a small time with her beloved.
The Bohemians will be seen as a bunch of light hearted and light headed layabouts who do nothing but scandal (Hypocritical, I know)
Crimilnals are a cowardly and superstitious lot, with especial mention to Jack Of Smiles who has a semi important role as &quotHarmless Joe&quot
Devils and hell will be seen as bumbling buffoons who can’t get a soul from a drunkard.
The revolutionaries? Just out to blow up everything.
The rubbery men will be there for target practice.
Society will be seen as stone hearted, dumb fools who want nothing more then to put down the people.
The Church will be seen as misguided fools who were long abandoned by their god,
The police will be firmly in the pockets of the Masters, and be dressed up as Neddy Men, beating up people
The Docks will be seen as idiots who just want to fight everything,
The Duchess will get her due as a mad cat lady who talks too much about her pets,
The Great Game will be portrayed as a game of chess played by 5 dullards at a table making moves they should not,
The Tomb COlonists? Mindless mummy monsters akin to the drownies who seek to make more of their kind,
The Widow will be seen as a fool who is of little use,
The Urchins? I will… Awww who am I kidding, I can’t insult the little rascals. But they will steal off people and have some good tunes.
Bethic and Summorset will be portrayed as a all out war with many dying over thier ideals,
And as for The Masters? What will I do of them? I will… Tell the truth. ALL the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Have I missed anyone? XD

&quotA Comedy of Imbeciles&quot will come to a Court near you soon. You do NOT Want to miss it.

Having four alts, I’m always happy when a story has four possible outcomes. Sir Fred staged a religious satire - a light-hearted affair, of no personal offence to anybody, that could only go unappreciated by the most self-important of bores. Hubris put on an adventurous little affair, perhaps erring a little too much on the side of the Grand Guignol, which was - it’s no secret - aimed at the Consort and his inner circle of fashionable do-gooders and &quotreformist&quot types. Juniper wrote an epic, inspired by the stories of her childhood, that could have been interpreted as critical of the Traitor Empress. Finally, Esther completed the Topsy King’s unfinished masterpiece, which she thought would bring a little liveliness to the dry-as-bones court - she may have underestimated on that point.

Mathieu, rather inspired by the possibilities of Neathy realism, decided to see just how much he could put his actors through in the name of Art. Say what you will about the Bohemians, they’re always game for a new sensation. He had no real animosity towards the Empress (she laughs at the pantomime, just like the urchins!), nor even towards most of the bigwigs, however much fun he made of them.

But… looking back on it now, perhaps he should have provided umbrellas to the front row. Front three rows. And that poor actress will never return from the Tomb-colonies.