What was the business with the key?

I’m working my nemesis ambition (after a long game hiatus). I’m at 30, and working on becoming important enough to acquire a boat.

Meantime, there’s this business mentioned with a key. I’d rather be better-prepared than worse-. Anybody care to help a vengeful SOB out?[li]

Mentioned by a Scholar in teh University? It’s something you can get (by boat) at Hunter’s Keep. You’ll also need 5 Portfolios of Souls in the Iron Republic.

I believe all of the ambitions require a certain key at some point, or at least are greatly assisted by having one. I’ve seen it show up in Nemesis and Heart’s Desire so far. Not sure where else, though.

Also note that having Ambition:Nemesis at certain levels(the ones where you need keys and portfolios and such) makes the Iron Republic a very entertaining though probably not exceedingly efficient grinding carousel.

True. Being on that quest allows you to repeat the carousel (and you’ll need to) multiple times without having to go to Zee or spend Fate. So if you’re wanting to see all of the options, you could put aside you errand until you are satisfied with your exploration of the place. It is quite interesting a locale, and I love the location banner. Oh, and don’t worry too much about your menace levels as you go along, as they are changed rather arbitrarily and you’re given a chance to reduce them before you set sail.