What to do with Whispered Secrets?

So I just finished the University story. Which means I now have tons of secrets and clues.
And I realized that converting secrets to clues actually lose value (500 * 1 pence to 200 * 2 pence).
Now that I have lots of clues, maybe I should just sell the secrets? Or are there any opportunities to convert secrets to other stuff in large scale (say, 1000 per action)?

You can use Whispered Secrets to get Expedition Supplies for the Forgotten Quarter if that’s something you’re interested in.

I finished the Cave of the Nadir expedition and have plenty of supplies left over. I also have over 36k whispered secrets and almost 10k in cryptic clues. Should I just save them for an Overgoat, or is there anything else a POSI with a ship might want them for?

Shrine of the Deep Blue heaven i think is fairly profitable if you’re already partially loaded up on supplies and have a bunch of whispered secrets or dock connections to cash in. (In fact if you already have supplies it is EXTREMELY profitable, since the high profit is mostly offset by the cost of supplies)

Also if you’re not unwelcome at the university it can be a decent way to make waves by donating your finds.
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If you want an Impossible Theorem, you might consider keeping them to convert up the Mysteries chain into Uncanny Incunabulams (Incunabulae?), then turning those into Enigmas at the University and ultimately turning those Enigmas into the Theorem.


I think for that you’re probably better off selling your secrets and farming stuff higher up the chain(like extraordinary implications).

(I mean, unless your goal is to get the 5 card bethlehem suite as fast as possible)
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I think it is worth converting the Cryptic Clues up the chain. As for Whispered Secrets I use them for Expedition Supplies as that is something I really enjoy doing.