What to do with an Incarnadine Fur Robe?

Can one of you delicious friends give me some guidance on this terrible opportunity? I was blessed by Fate on my journey to the Nadir and one of these landed in my lap.

Those are fun! Of the items they give, one is a unique Transport that gives a small Shadowy boost instead of contributing to Bizarre/Dreaded/Respectable (as other Transports do.) The others are all Home Comforts that give larger stat boosts than other equipment that goes in that slot - except for another unique item, the sinisterly-titled &quotProbably a Coincidence&quot, which is one of the very, very few Home Comforts to give a point of Bizarre/Dreaded/Respectable (in this case, Dreaded.)

So, if you want to absolutely max out your B/D/R, you’ll want that one. Otherwise, feel free to choose whichever gives the stat boost you want, or which suits your character’s style! They’re all top-notch items, so you can’t really go wrong*.

  • I’ve just thought of a caveat to that statement - if you become a Midnighter, then your Profession item will be better than Mr Page’s gift. So, choose one of the others if that’s the Profession you’ve got or are aiming for.

Thank you good sir.

How exactly does one get hold of an Incarnadine Fur Robe?

Spending Fate either at Christmas or when first unlocking the Nadir.

Thank you! Christmas it’ll be then as I’ve already unlocked the Nadir…

When I choose an option will I lose my Incarnadine Fur Robe?

Yes, you will lose the Robe after picking an option.

Can you later get a new one once the season is right?

You can definitely get another one after using it. I’ve gotten 3 rewards so far, with one robe stashed away for later.

I want to point out, Sir Frederick isn’t quite right. With the exception of the not-terribly-noble steed, all of the options you can gain from the robe are Home Comforts with +1 BDR and +1 to a stat. All that varies is WHICH stat, and whether it’s Dreaded or Bizarre. So yes, if you’re planning to be (and stay) a Midnighter, the pony is the best option… and for everyone else, the other selections are all about equally good, depending mainly on flavor and whether you’d rather be a bit more Dreaded, or a bit more Bizarre.

I was actually meaning to update that myself when I saw this thread pop up. Certainly, new BDR options have appeared since that old post, but - have the old +2 Home Comforts been discontinued? If not, then there’s now three Home Comforts available through the robe that just give primary stats, and three that give BDR as well.
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The +2 Home Comforts are still very much in effect. I chose one myself this Sacksmas past.

Oh, right… my bad. I forgot about those… well, really, all I was thinking of was the fact that there are three different options there that gives +1 BDR and +1 Stat, so if that’s what you want, you’re not limited to the ‘Probably an Accident’, or whatnot.

I got all of them, so if you you need to know which rewards map to which option, feel free to PM me.
(They are, unfortunately, all nearly useless to me, as a Midnighter. Here’s hoping the Echoist doesn’t also wield a Home Comfort.)
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