What to do next now I'm a Significant Individual?

What are the first things I should do and what are the best choices for them? Like what club has the most benefits and such, same for ships, and any other interesting things this unlocks for me. Or to make it really simple, what should I focus on trying to do now that I’ve completed this?
Some stuff you might want to know
Best stat is persuasive, followed by watchful and then shadowy, with dangerous at the rear.
access to most places except the university and house of chimes
Anything else that is probably important that I’ve forgotten you can ask for.
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First of all, you’ll receive a lot of gold cards. Accept these once to move them to storylets in the Bazaar Sidestreets. Eventually you want to get these items, though you can’t have more than 1 spouse, club or ship.

The ship will be more useful once you’re done with the University - you should try to become a scholar of the correspondence if you aren’t already. There’s not that much difference between the ships, so until you can afford the more expensive ones, use the tramp-steamer.

You’ll also want to increase your Bizarre/Dreaded/Respectable, so you’ll be able to get some Notability without spending tons of time.
Membership in Gods editors gives you 4 respectable and will make a difference there.

Notability will be used to improve your profession, as well as getting a salon/orphanage.
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I’ve got the first level of the scholar of correspondence, and I’ve gotten the young stags club card. So that means I’m basically on the right track?

Yep =) If you have the first level of SotC, can’t you unlock the University through wisdom?

I have no idea, waiting for the card to pop up

You can access the University from you Lodgings, actually. Use the Open a way to other parts of the City storylet there.

Oh, right… Forgot about that, oops.

What are the quickest sources of BDR, apart from the usual +1 for pet/weapon/clothing? (I got the snowbound home comfort, too).

Start getting the POSI items, it does depend on what you have available but God’s Editors gives +4 Respectable; either club - The Parthenaeum or Young Stags for +4; a landau or clay sedan chair for +2; a couple of the ships give BDR (the Sub +1 and yacht +2) After that you are mainly looking at Fate Locked items. The easiest of those is probably the Fate-locked part of the Velocipede Squad that gives a +4 Transport.
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If you’re scraping the barrel for BDR and don’t want to spend fate, the Unfinished Hat is +2 BDR pet, and not fate-locked.

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a tattoo during the Feast in February.
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Finish the Affair of the Box storyline and grind for Hesperidean Cider.