What the thunder said indeed....

I haven’t seen this card in a month! And here I am on the brink of my stormy eyes!

Anyone else wish to rail against the RNG?

When you’re at the middle of the storyline you get a lot more cards because your quality is unlocking a range above and below your current number, whereas at the end you’re stuck with hardly any, and the one specific card that unlock stormy eyed is, like most of the dreams, unusual frequency.

I’m pretty sure it took me literal months from qualifying for it to actually drawing it. And then like another month to get WTTS back up high enough to USE stormy eyed.
edited by WormApotheote on 2/21/2015

Took me the best part of two months just to get from 17 to 18, in regards to What the Thunder Said.

Still waiting on qualifying for Stormy-Eyed.

yeah same here. its my favourite of the various dream stories though, and i always get excited when i see a card