What should I spend Fate on?

I was planning on finally buying a significant amount of Fate, to finally see some of the stories I’ve been missing, and I wanted to see what was most recommended. While I appreciate the material gain, I’m mainly looking for excellent stories. I don’t really want to spend more than $25 worth at the moment, which would give me a total of 137 Fate.

So, any recommendations? Flint stands out. I enjoy murder mysteries, so I was considering The Twelve Fifteen to Moloch Street, but will I have a storylet I can’t get rid of hanging around if I don’t get the whole season?

Oh, and I’ve already played the Season of Adoration, and have a subscription for the current season. Any recommendations would be much appreciated, thanks!

Speaking only of those I loved:

Cut with Moonlight has a mystery at its core, though I do not recall any murders.
The Rat-Catcher was amazing, but not available yet. Perhaps hold on to a bit of Fate to eventually play it.
Lost in Reflections, Steeped in Honey and the Waltz that moved the world are also very well-regarded in terms of story.
I loved the Empress’ Shadow, and it leaves behind one of the most useful carousels, Jenny’s school.
Lamentation Clock is very atmospheric, though abstract.
The Frequently Deceased and the Heart, the Devil and the Zee are more slice of life stories, and I enjoyed them, though some found their scope limited.

And of course, the Art of Murder is a Murder mystery and it was pretty fun.

I loved most Fate Stories, but one I didn’t like quite as much were the Rubbery Murders, not quite worth it imo.
One of my favorites was HOJOTOHO!, but that’s because I like running rooftops and helping Urchins.
The Waltz that Moved the World was one that was astoundingly good!

I’d personally save some fate for Theological Husbandry, Empress’ Shadow and Flute Street.
Theological Husbandry has a nice amount of lore, but mainly material rewards and Flute Street also has some rather interesting lore surrounding Rubbery Men. Empress Shadow leaves a neat permanent Storylet you can keep using!

For Murder Mysteries I’d advice the Frequently Deceased and the Art of Murder.
The Gift is also quite interesting, had me shivering at one point.
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The Gift and Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold are both generally well-regarded stories. Both are also best enjoyed without any spoilers.

The Gift and Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold are both generally well-regarded stories. Both are also best enjoyed without any spoilers.

The storylets for the season shouldn’t stick around after completing all of your purchased stories for said season. If you have one, completing that will make it disappear. Moloch Street, Flint, and The Waltz that Moved the World are probably my favorite, followed by HOJOTOHO! and All Things Must End

The non ES fate-locked stories tend to be a little less interesting if you ask me - they’re good, but more there for mechanical benefits as much as story ones.